Monday, May 16, 2011

One Ringgit Wedding Corsage

Before i begin, sorry all as i may stay silence for few between one entry to another..emosi terganggu atas banyak of the reason is : one of my entry was bad for not keeping own copy..its hard for me to post one related entry that i promised earlier.. :(

Nevertheless, today i would share one pic. One Ringgit Wedding Corsage!

I took this pic from a wedding back to my hometown..a simple kampung wedding but it was a unique DIY for and from the family..just fold one ringgit note..mak terjadilah bentuk kipas.. tag to a pink simple corsage..done!

Thats the best picture that i had..xboleh zoom lagi dekat dah..


  1. tu la hai..blogger ni..kina punye post hilang kejap komen hilang semua..huhu..

  2. hai salam. cantiknye seme2 (^^,)v

  3. intan,post i tak hilang tp komen kat satu entry ni hilang semua.sbr je.tak smpt nk baca pon.hampeh betul..

    ehhh kat kampung i kan still buat corsage duit seringgit tu tauu.hehe

  4. @kina:wah xbestnye hilang komen semua
    @ekin: haha okla kalau mak ekin kreatif..lucky u :)
    @fad&sarah:salam..tq for reading dear
    @lisa:wah tu lagi kritikal..bengangnye..wahh first time i nmpk corsage cmtu..
    @amani:a'a jimat unless letak duit rm50 replace singgit tu..hehehe..

  5. tgh pk2 nk letak duit ke x pd corsage tu. klau guna badge button pun kena letak duit ke? eheheh. mmg failed bab neh



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