Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review : Nur Kasih The Movie

My office implement a flexi hour time due to our business nature and new company policy..still 8 hours a day and its up to you in managing your time wisely.

We watched the 1220hrs till 1350hrs slot..1 hour 30minutes..ramai orang..masuk2 je dah start..tapi baru je start..

Ok let me review k..based from what i watched..can be different from yours..

Story line
  • For malay movie, i think the story line was quite ok..mostly banyak part sedih cam adam hilang..sakit dan sakit lagi..nur miscarriage..ayu raudhah meninggal..
  • Cerita ni takdela ulang scene time series improvement..ade flash back bila last2 nak habis je..
  • There were also some boring part...takdela boring mane but quite slow especially their journey in Jordan and part where Nur and Aidil looking for Adam who was missing.
  • Few gimmicks : Adam mimpi Nur mati, part Nur, Aidil and Adam dah tua..
Scene and Cinematography
  • I love the shot...sangat cantik~ paddy fields..desert..the houses (rumah Nur dan Adam sangat cantik)
  • Few CGI time accident dengan keretapi..kena tembak..
Moral stories to all of us
  • Learn to be more patient when challenges in front of you..
  • Never ever give up and continue praying and grateful for what Allah give to you
  • You cannot avoid death..if its not your time now..sooner or will comes to prepared.
  • Kepada setiap Muslim yang meninggal, amal jariah..ilmu pengetahuan yang ditinggalkan.. dah lupa ayat full die..
  • Kasih sayang sesama ahli keluarga..
Adam was very romantic to Nur...suke sangat part diorang sama2..especially part Adam dapat tahu Nur pregnant~

Nangis? of course la kene nangisssss...

Jom baca entry aisaisbebeh for her review pulak.. :) takpun terus book tiket..


  1. ala.. sedih ke? nnt mesti nangis kat wayang..
    xnk la g tgok lg.. nnt hubby gelak kat miza. huhu

  2. owh..mcm kena book tiket je nie!!HAHA

  3. yes rumah diorang sangat cantik!! arkitek kan? hmm suka semua kebaikan2 yang ditonjolkan..tak nampak plastik :)

  4. dah tgk jg smlm...thumbs up!but mostly part sedey je.huhu



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