Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Perfect Online Wedding Directory

Hi gorgeous!

I'm back again. Thank you Aizu for giving me the idea.

Its a useful directory for bride to be to explore. An online wedding directory for Malaysian..yes for and its all inside..

I believe its a new we cannot aspect all vendors around Malaysia (including their details) to be in this directory..give sometime for them to the link and check the site from time to time..less google (check one by one) and last last terhilang link vendor..penatkan? dont worry i pun selalu jadi camtu time dulu2..

Its great to have one website/directory compiling all wedding vendors..from bridal, favours, caterers, honeymoon, videographers and photographers etc can sort from state as well..


rupa2nya my OP pun register dalam website ni jugak..cekidaut!

Ohh one more thing..for those who already involved with wedding biz may drop by and send your details to the administrator as well..haha i'm just giving the ideas and opportunities..mane la tau bisnes korang berkembang maju kan? jangan lupe derma sikit komisen kat saye ye...haha just kidding (tapi kalau nk bagi tu apa salahnye kan?).. :P

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ohh Handbouquets!

Ohh mengapa saya mahu pengsan? Ohh tidak..

I love the hand bouquets..neither fresh flowers nor artificial..its something to do with cotton..buttons..wahh great pastel colours combination..polka dots some more..ngee~

Dahla boleh simpan buat kenangan dengan ayat "Ni la bunga tangan opah kawen dulu" kat cucu2..macam2 zaman sekarang eh..

Credit to eida for sharing and well done Filmshotartifact for making me jealous..ok fine..dah dahla tu berangan jadi pengantin lagi..

see the ribbons? bouquets also coming with different sizes..
the price? better contact them k :)
pengantin basi dah tak berani tanya..kalau murah lagila menjadi2 kejelesannye

Friday, June 24, 2011

Macarons & Macaroons Are Totally Different

Ok cop..tumpang buat entry jap..continue from yesterday..

Thank you CikPuan Nadia for sharing. Macaron and macaroons are totally different. not just the spellings.

Let us check the definition i found from here and here.

"A macaron specifically refers to a meringue-based cookie made with almond flour, egg whites, and granulated and powdered sugar, then filled with buttercream or fruit spread. The delicate treat has a crunchy exterior, and a weightless interior with a soft ending that's almost nougatlike in its chewiness. To add to the confusion, it's often called a French macaroon.

In contrast, the word macaroon is a generic phrase that is applied to a number of small, sweet confections. Mostly, the term is equated with the the moist and dense coconut macaroon, which is composed of egg whites, sugar, and dried coconut, piped with a star-shaped tip, and often dipped in chocolate. The coconut macaroon, or congolais, as it's known in France, is frequently served during Passover because it contains no flour."

These are the pictures. i never taste macaroons, but from the shape..i prefer macarons sbb lagi comel....haha teruk memandang paras rupa :p

left macarons, right macaroons.
source here

Ok now i know..everyday is a learning day :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mickey Mouse Macarons

I browsed through and found OHmacarons..another unique macarons..previous entry, a heart-shaped one.

Now, Mickey Mouse-s!!

Oh Oreo and Lollypop Macarons also available. Wanna see the pics? click here and here :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Their Weddings

En suami and I attended our friends weddings..haha not soo basi yet too new..tapi pengantin first ni baru pregnant..hahaha..

The first wedding at Dewan Bistari MITC, Melaka middle March 2011. The only child of the family, i really heart the bride..doing all the preparations on her own (no wedding planner) - takziah to her mom who passed away approx 6months before her day. sangat tabahhhh!!

cantikkan her baby blue fondant cake?

simple deco - big white paper lanterns for the walkway..

Second bertandang at Kepong middle May if not mistaken (haha dah lupe). Unable to attend her reception, so en suami and I decided to attend her bertandang. Simple je..

centerpiece deco

fresh flower them!

simple is better..its peach!

Hope can give u ideas - for a budget and simple bride :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Her Reception

Just came back from Kota Bharu..penatnyeee..bertandang for younger sister..

June is a busy month for en suami and I..yes every week makan nasi minyakk..haishh bila mau usaha conceive ni :(~

Earlier entry, i shared her solemnization - wearing my solemnization veil. Today would like to share her detailings..haha sorry muke pengantin takkan dimasukkan..i focus more on her tiny miny. Jom review sama2 k..

her reception hand bouquet - fresh red roses
reception outfit was white cream songket kebaya

potpourries in cute purple and pink pails

square red velvet cake
i kidnapped one red velvet cupcake too!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Love Doily Paper and Green Apple

This is a rojak entry..and there will be more rojak entry worries...its all about wedding i attended (have to attend - family maa) and their ideas.

Creative centerpiece idea for VVIP and meja beradab @ cousin's bertandang at Dewan Guthrie Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

A love doily paper with thank you note lekatkan kat batang kayu. Wooden stick covered with ribbon. Pacakkan to green apple.. simple!

where's the green apple?

Credit to the bride or bridal..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nora Elena Fever vs What Ladies Want From Guys?

Panas will be the last episode for tv3 series - Nora Elena..

I believe all ladies out there melting everytime watching Seth Tan (Aaron Aziz) - charming..romantikus..caring..huaaa can we still find such a good life partner like him..yes its a fairytale but its not impossible..

I watched ceramah from eila blog yesterday. Ustaz said, the strong part of every lady is their emotions..for a husband..tackle her heart..obviously she will stick to you..follow u and be with u..what lady wants are the sincerity, the 'soft touch', a family man who can lead you..your physical appearances will be number two..less important..kalau dapat lagi bagus *wink*

Some guys that i know (not all guys ok) are less sensitive..cakap ikut sedap mulut..and always believe they are leaders and ladies have to follow them..before kawen semua ok ye..bagi bunga laaa..but after married? where are all those flowers..kata kata pujangga...people can Seth Tan, he admitted his mistakes and seek forgiveness..depends on Nora Elena to accept but siapa la tak cair/lembut hati kalau hari2 duk jaga..caring..siap bagi kad sorry every day time Nora Elena admitted.

Back to people can change, if you guys know that you are less sensitive not necessarily to be romantic..learn from friends..kalau malu nak tanya kawan pun..use latest try something and do not stand still..

Am not only blaming the man, same goes to ladies. haha pesal cam emo plak ni :)~

P/S: nak balik rumah awal harini~ Nora Elena, here i come! boleh buat siaran ulangan tak?

One Lovely Blog Award

Yeay yeay thank you MissLala for the blog award..lovely ke blog ni? huhuhu..baru sekarang dapat buat entry ni..

credit to miss lala

From her entry, i need to :

1. Copy imej award pada entry baru anda. (done!)
2. Buat link pada pemberi award. (done!)
3. Senaraikan 7 perkara berkaitan diri anda.
  • A wife
  • First daughter of 3 siblings..
  • Hometown - Terengganu
  • Working in KL
  • Favourite food - Ayam masak merah mak masak :)
  • Favourite drink - Syrup ice
  • Favourite colour - Tiffany blue and pastels!
haha feel like writing in autograph book zaman dulu dulu

4. Tag pula 15 blogger pilihan anda. and 5. Alasan kenapa tag blog mereka

I will not tag anybody or anyone coz my bloggers and readers are all important to me..hard to choose..

-the end-

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She Chose My Solemnization Veil

She's my friend - borrowing my solemnization veil for her solemnization. i was soo happy to see her gorgeous in her outfit plus my veil. Four pics i cilok from her facebook..with permission okeh..

Jom layanss..

what a lovely handbouquet berbackgroundkan veil

from side view

matching with her sweet solemnization modern kurung

her official photographer? whiteroomkualalumpur

anyone like the veil and wish to rent my whole set solemnization dress, click here and mail me for the best price :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review : Secret Mission DIY

As promised, time to reveal my secret mission..just a simple one tapi tajuk cam kecoh..huhu..

My younger sister (Kak Ngah) married last week dated June 7..that's why as a kakak pengantin..busy tersangat..

If you read my previous entry here, my DIY was something to do with daisies..since my sister's wedding bit simple..i was hoping for canopies deco..mine was 62 paper lanterns for arabian canopies rented from rendabellezza..

My sister's canopies were a half-shaped with 50 artificial red, pink and yellow daisies..bought from Thank Q @ Nilai 3..from MYR2.90/each to MYR2.50 sebab beli banyak.. credit to Esprit Suria KLCC for the idea :)

Nak tengok pic?

ikat bunga dengan tali tangsi nak nampakkan efek transparent

ni la hasilnya..nampak x? gantung kat atas.. jadi budak2 tak boleh main

credit to en suami - Syazwanwi

Friday, June 10, 2011

Official Wedding Pics Part 8

Fuhhh fuhhh...(adegan meniup habuk) blog dah bersawang sikit~kebizian melampau..lepas satu..satu wedding family members jadi harus busy mencari baju setema~ (ok yet to share the pics)

Before revealing my secret DIY mission..jom layan my final official wedding pics..yes..these gonna be my last one.. brape punya lame daaa mahu habiss..

Credit to nikaizu, mr official photographer for all the piccas. Click here to review previous entries k..

click here for one more pic

Thank you... :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

A DIY - Secret Mission

Hi darlings~
Have time for one entry today..just a quick one.. i am currently at my hometown..something big about to happen tomorrow..

A DIY..simple one from me...something to do with daisies..sorry can't reveal now..

Fuhh ramainya orang kahwin~ penat mak..sampai diarrhea melantak nasi minyak..huhu~

Sorry for bloggers/readers as I am still occupied with this secret mission, later i comment..


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding Disaster - Cancelled!

Don't know what's happening to my blog..thank you lisa and qyla for wonder nobody comments..haha ingatkan dah takde siapa baca blog i dah..haha bajet orang bace *blush blush*

Ok back to my entry today..applicable to bride-to-be..a sensitive topic..mintak dijauhkan but not impossible..

What happen to you if one day..your fiance calls (via handphone k) and cancels your wedding? full stop! this happened to my friend..huaaa 3 days before wed and he called off..what's his reason and how it happened..i have no idea..nobody dare to ask..heard from was a family arrangement and both never meet before...regardless..but 3 days before wed? what do you think the reason behind it?

Like any other malay dramas..

Can be..either guy or lady..not ready for commitment..terkantoi dengan orang lain berkelakuan tidak senonnohss..attitude..

Can be..illness..sakit yang sukar diubati..kritikal..called off the wedding sebab taknak bebankan..hurmm..its complicated..

Nevertheless, if this happen to me..first thing blurr..and blurr..and blurr again..then crying endlessly..thinking about family pride..people talking is no longer important..deposit pelamin and caterer memang sah sahla burn..doorgift yang beribu nak bagi siapa?

source google

Hopefully none of my readers and bloggers facing this disaster..doa banyak2 ye kawan2..who are we to decide and challenge the power of God but at least we try..

P/S : going back to hometown@ Terengganu may be a bit bersawang.. Selamat Pengantin Baru for b2be..happy for you :)


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