Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nora Elena Fever vs What Ladies Want From Guys?

Panas will be the last episode for tv3 series - Nora Elena..

I believe all ladies out there melting everytime watching Seth Tan (Aaron Aziz) - charming..romantikus..caring..huaaa can we still find such a good life partner like him..yes its a fairytale but its not impossible..

I watched ceramah from eila blog yesterday. Ustaz said, the strong part of every lady is their emotions..for a husband..tackle her heart..obviously she will stick to you..follow u and be with u..what lady wants are the sincerity, the 'soft touch', a family man who can lead you..your physical appearances will be number two..less important..kalau dapat lagi bagus *wink*

Some guys that i know (not all guys ok) are less sensitive..cakap ikut sedap mulut..and always believe they are leaders and ladies have to follow them..before kawen semua ok ye..bagi bunga laaa..but after married? where are all those flowers..kata kata pujangga...people can Seth Tan, he admitted his mistakes and seek forgiveness..depends on Nora Elena to accept but siapa la tak cair/lembut hati kalau hari2 duk jaga..caring..siap bagi kad sorry every day time Nora Elena admitted.

Back to people can change, if you guys know that you are less sensitive not necessarily to be romantic..learn from friends..kalau malu nak tanya kawan pun..use latest try something and do not stand still..

Am not only blaming the man, same goes to ladies. haha pesal cam emo plak ni :)~

P/S: nak balik rumah awal harini~ Nora Elena, here i come! boleh buat siaran ulangan tak?


  1. hr nie x dpt tgk
    ade training netball plak

  2. nak balik awal jugak harini! mmg chayaq ngn seth tan tu. tiap kali die buat sumthing yg menchayaqkan hati, ayu pn stat bunyi 'ehem! ehem!' pstu pandang kt enchek hubby (kunun nk kasik hint la tu). hihi ;p

  3. balik umah awal jugak hari nie heehhe..x ble tertinggal sket pun hehehe

  4. tkt i tak smpt sampai la intan!!!! :(
    i gerak kul 6(sbb kene tgu adik i kuar ofis) pdhal i abis keje 530.huwaaaaaaaa.mst missed 15min punyaaaaaaaa :( kang i masuk tv3 sblh ni je kang tgk nora elena.hahaha

  5. sgt best kalo dpt seth tan!!hehe

  6. hehe..saya dld from 1st epi to 24th epi..blh tgk ulang2..weeeee



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