Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Perfect Online Wedding Directory

Hi gorgeous!

I'm back again. Thank you Aizu for giving me the idea.

Its a useful directory for bride to be to explore. An online wedding directory for Malaysian..yes for and its all inside..

I believe its a new we cannot aspect all vendors around Malaysia (including their details) to be in this directory..give sometime for them to the link and check the site from time to time..less google (check one by one) and last last terhilang link vendor..penatkan? dont worry i pun selalu jadi camtu time dulu2..

Its great to have one website/directory compiling all wedding vendors..from bridal, favours, caterers, honeymoon, videographers and photographers etc can sort from state as well..


rupa2nya my OP pun register dalam website ni jugak..cekidaut!

Ohh one more thing..for those who already involved with wedding biz may drop by and send your details to the administrator as well..haha i'm just giving the ideas and opportunities..mane la tau bisnes korang berkembang maju kan? jangan lupe derma sikit komisen kat saye ye...haha just kidding (tapi kalau nk bagi tu apa salahnye kan?).. :P

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