Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding TV

It's wow!
It's wonderful!
It's your wedding!

For those who yet to know, we appointed LHMedia as our official videographer for our prewed, solemnization and reception last Christmas. Thriller for closing year 2010 too. sukenye rase cam glemer padahal wedding biasa2 je..

Nak tengok balik video kami? Click here, here and here.. Service tip top..En Lukman and his wife sangat2 la baik dan cute couple :)

Last week i received a mail from En Lukman, founder of He was asking if en suami and i are interested to join his latest idea.

What i understand, the team has new project - an online wedding tv for wedding vendors, upcoming bride, DIY, your preparation..senang cerita all about wedding.

Future and ex bride bloggers are invited to mail them at for more details. Bak kata En Lukman, you can be famous from this project..haha..jom ramai2 email and join the project :)

All the best LHMediaTV and we will support you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Bola Bola Cinta

Mini bola bola cinta - same size as baseball. Not paper lanterns but they are actually colourful lamps.
see the white cable? there are lamps!

If you read my earlier post here, you will see bigger bola bola cinta - that's paper lanterns.

MIL asked her good friends who went to Vietnam and bought me these lovely lamps. Actually I was jealous to see en suami's sister bought one for her..haha takdela..

I saw one shop at Axis Atrium, Ampang sold the same lamps..if not mistaken a box consists of 10 lamps with the price of MYR30+. Can u count my lamps? Bought at Vietnam with same price as Malaysia..hurmm..

Anyone to order if I ask MIL's friend or me myself go to Vietnam and buy these lamps? perhaps some wedding deco ideas..

p/s: maafkan saya yang lupa snap pic gambar lampu terpasang...itu lagi cantiks~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dates for Ramadhan and Wedding Favour

Ramadhan and dates (kurma) are synonyms.

Sunnah nabi makan kurma. Hadis Saad r.a: Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda: “Sesiapa yang memakan tujuh biji kurma di antara La Bataiha (dua tanah tidak berpasir di Madinah) pada waktu pagi, maka racun tidak akan dapat memudaratkannya sampai petang”. more hadiths and benefits of dates from here.

The most famous brand dates in Malaysia market is Yusoooof Taiyoooob (baca tone menggoda dan berbisik k~) but there are more than that.

dates muffins from google

dates cake from google

Dates are quite common during fasting months but not to forget, these healthy fruits can be one of your wedding favour. Pack them nicely, tie with ribbon and tag. Lots of flavours and design to choose. I found this link.

They sell oat, almond chunk, white almond, cinnamon, coconut and definitely original dates.

credit to

If you prefer to go and see the dates by yourself, drop here - Mahnaz Food at Shah Alam.

I went there with FIL and MIL and borong 4 boxes of dates as Mak wishes to have a tadarus Al-Quran first week of Ramadhan.

Mercu Cita Manufacturing Sdn Bhd(Mahnaz Food)

Products Featured Include:

  • Iranian Dates
  • Arab Saudi Dates
  • Tunisan Dates
  • Juice Dates

and many more


Mercu Cita Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

No 8 TP7/5, Sime UEP Industrial Park

40400 Shah Alam

Selangor, Malaysia

03-5192 7405

Better go early MIL said. We arrived there around 11am pun dah ramai orang. I believe the owners are husband and wife from Middle East. Services were good too :)

a simple shop - ala2 borong

entrance - choices of dates with different prices
you can buy in kilos, small or big boxes.

boxes ready to buy

juices, biscuits, vinegar and more Middle East products to grab too!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Me and Him

We are just ordinary couple, from not a friend to best friends and now live partners.

I am wearing specs, en husband too..

Some people said we look alike, maybe sebab pakai spek kot..

Some people said, when we look alike - means we meant for each other.

I have no idea

But we pray for the best.

This picture taken when we sedondons turned into pengapit terjun during cousins reception
pinjam handbouquet pengantin~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mirror Dais

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest among them all?

I believe the idea of using mirrors for a wedding dais become more popular. I may be wrong but from what i observed, engagement dais for Jimmy Shenley and her wife (wife lagi ke?huhu) was the first one - for celebrity.

3 panels of mirrors

simple square and rectangle mirrors and fresh flowers dais
from Kerja Kahwin
4 pillars - mirrors again
credit Kerja Kahwin

latest one, Misz Nina and Noh Hujan's tall mirror dais

I think bride to be can also DIY for your wedding dais, tempek kat dinding macam frame cheap mirror je..but most importantly polish the mirrors guna sponge.

Look very exclusive, mewah but it may be hard for you to snap pictures..because si pengambil gambar mungkin termasuk sekali dalam gambar sebab cermin kan..glemer jugak tu!

A pro photographer may know how to take the angle, to avoid sinaran pantulan.

If mirror dais is more than your budget, you may DIY for hantaran.

can you see the pelapik hantaran?
i got it from Misz Nina's hantaran

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black and White Video

I've been thinking and humming the late Michael Jackson everygreen song - Black or White while writing this entry!

Hallo ladies..

I love pastels, soft colours for wedding. Some brides prefer black and white. For the westerners, these colours are quite common. Yes, black may look like mourning but if you know how to mix and match..can turn out to be elegant. No wonder some celebrities wear black dress during red carpets to look slimmer and taller.

We will neither review black and white wedding cake,

credit to google

nor black and white handbouquet,

credit to google

nor black and white wedding pic,

credit to

but a video - a black and white video.

Apa pendapat korang? Will you be comfortable if your videographer capture your moments in black and white? fully!

The good thing is : Its gonna be a unique video zaman dulu dulu..
The not good thing is : If you wear a bling2 dress and colourful or carnival wedding, you may not be able to see the beauty of colours.

How about half colour half black and white?

Tapi kalau ada orang sponsor video free, either black or white ke colourful ke..definitely a big YES! terima je kan? hehehe :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Personalized Mineral Water

Salam all,

This is a special entry dedicated to Su from qisdhinicework. Sorry sesangat lupa hantar gambar kt Su..haha dah 7bulan kahwin baru bagi.. luckily i still keep the last one.. (sayang sebenarnya nak habiskan dan buang)

front and back
credit to en suami for the pics

If you refer to my previous entry here and here, the mineral water was one of my doorgift..

I really love the design, Su was really good - imagining what i have in mind.. butterflies, pink, blue-tiffany and ranting-ranting pokok.. Price was also very affordable - that's why i bought 1700 bottles!

Their services were tip top. Fast and easy to contact. Highly recommended :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Main Main Bertunang

Hi all, i'm back! where did i go and what did i do during my silence? Later i update k.

Before that, i wanna share a gotcha aka kantoi tv series i watched from this blog.

Huuu..sekali tengok cam mempermainkan majlis bertunang..perasaan orang..tapi dua kali tengok? luu pikirla sendiri :)

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, July 8, 2011

Premium Beautiful at Pameran Pengantin

Hi all,

Want to look beautiful and healthy? no more apple or pear shaped body?

My good friend and her team will open one booth at Pameran Pengantin at PICC, Putrajaya tomorrow. I may not be able to come and support her but hopefully this entry can help her and you too! future or ex brides or any ladies all over Malaysia.

The booth is promoting and selling Premium Beautiful (PB). What i knew from her, PB is a different corset set that helps you to reshape certain parts of your body and helps your body to loose weight - obviously make you look beautiful. Pretty nice huh!

More details i got from her..please contact them if you are interested..especially on delivery, payment and services.. saya hanya menyampaikan :)

Premium Beautiful (PB) is very different from normal corsets:

  • It’s custom made to fit different shapes and sizes of women.
  • It has been awarded with Superbrands.
  • It has lifetime warranty. (Tears/damages can be repaired FOC)
  • It is embedded with Tourmaline crystal which contains F.I.R

Benefits of F.I.R? See

Benefits of Tourmaline:

  • Detoxification
  • Helps aid fat loss
  • Reduces water retention
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Expels unnecessary waste
  • Helps cleanse the liver and kidneys
  • Helps heal skin disorders
  • Reduction in emotional maladies such as anxiety and depression
  • Relief from acute and chronic illnesses
  • Aids in elimination of heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material from our bodies
  • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids

More facts about Tourmaline:

"The far infrared rays that Tourmaline emits create the same resonance in the body as is normally found in water. This has a very soothing effect on the nerves. Three-quarters of the human body is composed of water, this form of resonance absorption creates increased vitality in living tissues, enhancing energy levels and increases metabolism."

"This gem has been reported to actually have the power to boost sexual energy in men, as it increases the blood flow and circulation in the body. The gemstone is also reported as helping to ease emotions, increasing vitality and vigor in both men and women."

When you wear PB, it is as if you are wrapped with this amazing Crystal. Wearing a full set of Premium Beautiful also will remove cellulite which normally appears around your thighs, butt and some other part of the body too. Yes, it's proven that Premium Beautiful is able to reduce cellulite.


Consistent wear of PB will eventually burn 900 calories per hour. Just imagine, if you wear PB for 8 hours daily, consistently!? Your body will lose unwanted fat and become firmer and be shaped up beautifully. That is also how the cellulite can disappear!

For post pregnancy, you will not have to worry to find any other solutions to make the unwanted stretch marks disappear - No need to apply creams as wearing PB itself can help reduce the stretch marks and positive results can be seen as early as 1 week after wearing this amazing corset.

Also, as women, there are a lot of other problems that we constantly face:

  • Weight gain
  • Back pain
  • White discharge
  • Flabby tummy, unwanted bulges/fat here and there
  • Fatigue
  • Water retention
  • Pain and loss of energy
  • Low milk production
  • Late recovery of stitches (post pregnancy)
  • Intimacy

Worry not, PB is one easy solution!

  • Wearing PB will increase your metabolic rate and therefore you will eventually lose weight and lose your unwanted fat. The advantage is that your body will not become flabby when you lose the weight but firmer!
  • It helps structure, shape up your body and guide your body posture at its correct position and at the same time cure back pain.
  • The breathable material prevents production of fungus & bacteria hence reducing white discharge.
  • Contains F.I.R which regulates the body’s blood circulation while increasing your metabolism therefore unwanted fats will be eliminated, body will be tighter & firmer. Moreover, it is designed to shape up the body beautifully by spreading the fat at targeted/correct area and mold the body to its best shape.
  • It helps improve skin complexion, removes away stretch marks & cellulite.
  • Good blood circulation results in the body getting enough oxygen and therefore will function at its optimum level. Discharge of toxin such as heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material from your body through sweating will make you feel fresher day by day.
  • Expels unnecessary waste from our body and prevents water retention.
  • PB can help with the production of breast milk for breastfeeding mothers.
  • F.I.R also helps in preventing cancer and reducing the size of cysts and fibroids.
  • PB is a perfect tool for all mothers during confinement time - helps heal wounds/stitches fast, gives back your energy and helps you get back your pre-pregnancy figure in no time!

Note that Premium Beautiful:

  • Is designed 70% for health and 30% for beauty.
  • Has LIFETIME WARRANTY - indeed a “once in a lifetime worthwhile investment" for women!

You can also have a look at the company's website:

If you go to Pameran Pengantin, don't forget to drop by k :)

All the best to you Aly!

What a Stunning Wedding Video & Deco

Please watch this video! God job LHMediaTV...

I always adore your work..always make me feel to get wed again and again..the ambience, the lighting, moments, story line was superb..

Not to forget to the bride and groom and deco team..ohh i heart soo to bride to be for a happening wedding at home. DIY pun boleh kan?
  • Props kat pokok - hanging and dancing with the wind
  • White transparent curtains
  • Berkelah kind of canopies..ohh very the garden
  • Table deco and centerpieces
  • Cake cutting place - the cage
  • Chivairi chairs
I love their first choosen song - Dancing in the moonlight

Last but not least..see the bride and groom were smiling all the day? take note k darls! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Groom Traditional-Contemporary Wedding Outfit

People always focus more on bride's outfit rather than groom..

Too many latest design and material to choose, as simple as mini kurung or baju kurung glamour as evening gown..chiffon..songket..lace la satin la..see too many kan? belum masuk beadings lagi..pearl..swarovski..what a headache..

How about groom?

Not much..either cam pahlawan or tux..

Not anymore guys!

I really heart Jimmy Shenley's reception nampak sasa...very masculine..short vest in long sleeve..takde butang baju melayu..hurmm..material ala2 coat with tengkolok..malay traditional plus contemporary kah?

See his shoulder? ala2 rambu rambu jeneral/boy scouts..siapala designer die ni eh? good job! i am not a fashion designer but i love to observe these creative ideas..

source here

his bertandang @ Kedah also not bad..focus on his shoulder

source here

tomok pun sama?

credit google

last one..

source here
Ohhh..kacaknya.. :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tips : Cake Cutting Session

Yesterday, topic was the perfect wedding knife..bukan untuk membunuh ye kawan2..untuk potong kek mesra2..

Take a look at below three pics from google..

first one..


ok second one..

ok last one..
Spot the differences?

What can i say is that..Holding knife position..

The first and second pic :about the same..hurmm bride using two hands with groom supports.

While the third pic : the bride holds the knife while the groom supports her..

Which one you prefer? hurmm..susahnye soalan ni..depends on the situation or main redah je la kot..siapa yang sempat capai pisau dulu la kan.. :)

Most importantly, hold the knife together..carefully put the knife onto the cake - same level as yours..why? u need energy to make sure the cake is safely cut..potong pun kena lemah gemalai..believe its a proper way..takkan nak letak pisau kat kek paling tinggi kot..huhu..

Jangan potong kek cepat2 not rush..hold the knife together and smile..the best smile you've ever had..cheeeeseee :) then cut the cake slowly and slowly..

Untuk majlis suapan manje2, some people prefer to prepare two small slices of cake awal (meaning family members dah siapkan kek pengantin takdela susah2 kene potong lagi)..some prefer to use small spoon or fork and take small pieces of cake..some prefer using hands..

Siapa nak suap siapa dulu?

Depends..can be groom to bride..bride to groom or sama2 :)

Jom layan pics from they cut the cake..tengok sekali betapa besar gajahnya kek diorang..

ohhh..if you use a sword kinda knife..make a distance..kena berdiri jauh sikit dari kek..lagi jauh pengantin dari kek..lagi kuat tenaga diperlukan untuk potong kek.. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cake Cutting Session - Perfect Knife

Have u ever think of having a perfect knife for your cake cutting session?

It depends on the brides. few prefer not to have one, save cost. few prefer to have one cake for solemnization and one for reception or even engagement pun dah ada potong banyakla pisaunya..

For the cakes, you can choose either fondant, dummy or normal cake, more traditional - 'pulut kuning'. Most important part is the knife u choose. Haha setakat 5minit je time spend potong kek..some people may think..ape la penting sangat pasal pisau2 pun nak kecoh but still..its your moment kott..that's what we call a bridezillaaaaa :)

Few ideas i managed to googled..few deco choices but the material - its stainless steel. You can DIY the deco if you wish...senang je kot..just the matter of time..if you are kinda detail person, scroll down please...tell me which one heart u the most?

a very elegant and outstanding black ribbon with white font..
bling bling custom made ribbon - ada tulis nama pengantin tuu :)

haha macam pisau pembunuh or parang?
long purple ribbon attached

looks like a plain knife with red gerbera daisies on top as deco..

hurm..a blue crystal or plastic flower with a transparent knife

another custom made knife..engraved bride's and groom's name..
nice huh!

what did i choose for my wedding? not enough time..guna je pisau plastik kedai kek bagi dan adik last tukang ikat riben curik kat hamper mane entah as deco...tq kak cik!

want to see mine? click here..simple jee :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Awal Awal Kahwin Bertindak Balas Dengan 6 Bulan Kahwin

25th June 2011 was our 6months wedding anniversary..happy anniversary encik suami..i wish i could give you 'a special present' one day..still hoping and praying..tak boleh stresss...

Sekejap je dah 6 bulan..teringat zaman baru kahwin dulu..

Bangun pagi pagi rasa tak caya dah kawen
Malu nak tukar baju sebab rasa ada orang mengintai *blush*
Suka kemas rumah sama sama
Selalu tengok buku resipi or google cari resipi makanan kegemaran suami
Suka siapkan baju suami..dia habis mandi dah ada baju tersedia di katil
Buat sarapan pagi sama ada hari kerja atau hari cuti
Timing tidur pun sama sama
Asyik tersenyum je..jarang bergaduh benda2 remeh..
Setiap hari pergi kerja sama sama dan pakai baju warna setema..

Tapi itu 6bulan yang lalu..sekarang?

Alhamdulillah ada yang masih sama kecuali
Dah kurang malu..
Dah ada gaduh2..
Dah ada merajuk2..
Lagi banyak fikirkan perasaan suami dari perasaan sendiri..
Jadi lebih matang
Banyak masa diluangkan di luar berbanding di rumah..
Dah kurang masak kerana diet (haha makan malam x elok utk kesihatan)
Perbelanjaan sebulan makin berkurang sbb dah jarang shopping baju :)..

Banyak pengorbanan dalam perkahwinan..bukan senang dan juga bukan susah..yang penting berusaha menjadi lebih baik..

P/s: En suami, nak pergi honeymoon lagi boleh tak?


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