Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black and White Video

I've been thinking and humming the late Michael Jackson everygreen song - Black or White while writing this entry!

Hallo ladies..

I love pastels, soft colours for wedding. Some brides prefer black and white. For the westerners, these colours are quite common. Yes, black may look like mourning but if you know how to mix and match..can turn out to be elegant. No wonder some celebrities wear black dress during red carpets to look slimmer and taller.

We will neither review black and white wedding cake,

credit to google

nor black and white handbouquet,

credit to google

nor black and white wedding pic,

credit to

but a video - a black and white video.

Apa pendapat korang? Will you be comfortable if your videographer capture your moments in black and white? fully!

The good thing is : Its gonna be a unique video zaman dulu dulu..
The not good thing is : If you wear a bling2 dress and colourful or carnival wedding, you may not be able to see the beauty of colours.

How about half colour half black and white?

Tapi kalau ada orang sponsor video free, either black or white ke colourful ke..definitely a big YES! terima je kan? hehehe :)


  1. hehe yup. kalau ade sponsor grab je la..

  2. seriuosly uya suke idea black and white video..tak luput dek zaman..ade memorable value yang tersendiri..macam kite tgk charlie chaplin and cerita pramlee..hehehe

  3. @rara & @norida : yup kek tu cantik~
    @cikFM : hehe kalau free semua sapu :)
    @shura: haha bendera terengganu jugak :)
    @uya: betul sangat memorable cume maybe ade yg kurang suka sbb x nampak semua kaler diorg...kalo pre/post wed video pun ok jgk kan :)

  4. love so much kalau gambar hitam putih..nmpk klasik gitu..



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