Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cake Cutting Session - Perfect Knife

Have u ever think of having a perfect knife for your cake cutting session?

It depends on the brides. few prefer not to have one, save cost. few prefer to have one cake for solemnization and one for reception or even engagement pun dah ada potong banyakla pisaunya..

For the cakes, you can choose either fondant, dummy or normal cake, more traditional - 'pulut kuning'. Most important part is the knife u choose. Haha setakat 5minit je time spend potong kek..some people may think..ape la penting sangat pasal pisau2 pun nak kecoh but still..its your moment kott..that's what we call a bridezillaaaaa :)

Few ideas i managed to googled..few deco choices but the material - its stainless steel. You can DIY the deco if you wish...senang je kot..just the matter of time..if you are kinda detail person, scroll down please...tell me which one heart u the most?

a very elegant and outstanding black ribbon with white font..
bling bling custom made ribbon - ada tulis nama pengantin tuu :)

haha macam pisau pembunuh or parang?
long purple ribbon attached

looks like a plain knife with red gerbera daisies on top as deco..

hurm..a blue crystal or plastic flower with a transparent knife

another custom made knife..engraved bride's and groom's name..
nice huh!

what did i choose for my wedding? not enough time..guna je pisau plastik kedai kek bagi dan adik last tukang ikat riben curik kat hamper mane entah as deco...tq kak cik!

want to see mine? click here..simple jee :)


  1. owh ieda x terpikir pun pasal nie, thanx 4 remind...

  2. emi suke y 1st..nmpk eksklusif gitu :)

  3. @ieda:no prob dear :)
    @cikemie: tula eksklusif..cantek2 :)



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