Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dates for Ramadhan and Wedding Favour

Ramadhan and dates (kurma) are synonyms.

Sunnah nabi makan kurma. Hadis Saad r.a: Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda: “Sesiapa yang memakan tujuh biji kurma di antara La Bataiha (dua tanah tidak berpasir di Madinah) pada waktu pagi, maka racun tidak akan dapat memudaratkannya sampai petang”. more hadiths and benefits of dates from here.

The most famous brand dates in Malaysia market is Yusoooof Taiyoooob (baca tone menggoda dan berbisik k~) but there are more than that.

dates muffins from google

dates cake from google

Dates are quite common during fasting months but not to forget, these healthy fruits can be one of your wedding favour. Pack them nicely, tie with ribbon and tag. Lots of flavours and design to choose. I found this link.

They sell oat, almond chunk, white almond, cinnamon, coconut and definitely original dates.

credit to

If you prefer to go and see the dates by yourself, drop here - Mahnaz Food at Shah Alam.

I went there with FIL and MIL and borong 4 boxes of dates as Mak wishes to have a tadarus Al-Quran first week of Ramadhan.

Mercu Cita Manufacturing Sdn Bhd(Mahnaz Food)

Products Featured Include:

  • Iranian Dates
  • Arab Saudi Dates
  • Tunisan Dates
  • Juice Dates

and many more


Mercu Cita Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

No 8 TP7/5, Sime UEP Industrial Park

40400 Shah Alam

Selangor, Malaysia

03-5192 7405

Better go early MIL said. We arrived there around 11am pun dah ramai orang. I believe the owners are husband and wife from Middle East. Services were good too :)

a simple shop - ala2 borong

entrance - choices of dates with different prices
you can buy in kilos, small or big boxes.

boxes ready to buy

juices, biscuits, vinegar and more Middle East products to grab too!


  1. owh.. i pun selalu gi sini jgak. almost every year pgi beli kurma utk distribute kt org before puasa. cume thn ni xdpt nk pgi. =)

  2. @fira: owh baru first time i pergi..menarik n banyak choice
    @cindellyna: i first time pergi tp MIL n FIL ckp murah dari market price (diorang selalu beli situ) n banyak choice..tapi papehal harga pun depends brand n quality kurma u beli tu..

  3. menariklaaaaa :D
    kalau letak as doorgifts pn menarik



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