Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Bola Bola Cinta

Mini bola bola cinta - same size as baseball. Not paper lanterns but they are actually colourful lamps.
see the white cable? there are lamps!

If you read my earlier post here, you will see bigger bola bola cinta - that's paper lanterns.

MIL asked her good friends who went to Vietnam and bought me these lovely lamps. Actually I was jealous to see en suami's sister bought one for her..haha takdela..

I saw one shop at Axis Atrium, Ampang sold the same lamps..if not mistaken a box consists of 10 lamps with the price of MYR30+. Can u count my lamps? Bought at Vietnam with same price as Malaysia..hurmm..

Anyone to order if I ask MIL's friend or me myself go to Vietnam and buy these lamps? perhaps some wedding deco ideas..

p/s: maafkan saya yang lupa snap pic gambar lampu terpasang...itu lagi cantiks~


  1. Cantik. I dah lama teringin nak beli, tak berkesempatan je. Kat Jonker Walk, Melaka banyak jual but I lupa berapa harga dia, around rm20-rm40 kot

  2. idea dtg mencurahhhhh hehehe....thankz dear



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