Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Personalized Mineral Water

Salam all,

This is a special entry dedicated to Su from qisdhinicework. Sorry sesangat lupa hantar gambar kt Su..haha dah 7bulan kahwin baru bagi.. luckily i still keep the last one.. (sayang sebenarnya nak habiskan dan buang)

front and back
credit to en suami for the pics

If you refer to my previous entry here and here, the mineral water was one of my doorgift..

I really love the design, Su was really good - imagining what i have in mind.. butterflies, pink, blue-tiffany and ranting-ranting pokok.. Price was also very affordable - that's why i bought 1700 bottles!

Their services were tip top. Fast and easy to contact. Highly recommended :)


  1. haritu survey botol air kosong tanpa design paling murah rm0.58 sen kt n9 ni

  2. sweet.....suka design ranting dgn rama2.....!

  3. @nora : ohh not bad jugak tu..tapi saye prefer yg dh siap botol ngn label skali..senang x yah pk pape.. :)
    @puan el : tq el :)



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