Thursday, August 18, 2011

Solemnization Songkok

Out of no where, i had an idea to share about songkok - one of groom accessories/outfit ke during solemnization. I prefer a plain black songkok. En suami loves to be as simple as possible too.

No brooch or juntaian bling..but its our choice. How about you?

1. Same like us - only simple black songkok

en suami's simple songkok..bukan unlce lebai aka tok kadi tau..

2. Songkok tinggi ala ala zaman dolu-dolu?

hahaha.. :)
4. Kopiah

5. White songkok and kopiah combination. Unique right?

Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI TV3) host, Ahmad Fedtri Yahya during his solemnization

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pelamin Sangkar dan Bulu Bulu

I've been too busy lately with daily sorry for not be able to post but i did blogwalking few blogs - reading your DIY, ideas, experience and wedding contests..

16 days of fasting, ada sesiapa dah ponteng? hehehe..

Today i would like to share cage dais or pelamin sangkar plus bulu bulu...hahaa..not a new idea anymore..

you can decorate dais totally with bulu bulu

ayu raudhah dais
6 flower stands

hanging white bulu bulu as deco

this is the latest one, simple cage dais for my sister's bertandang
instead of bulu bulu, bridal put long purple white ribbon as deco.

korang suka pelamin sangkar?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hantaran Holy Al Quran

Salam all,

Believe most bride and groom will choose Al Quran as one of the hantaran. A holy symbol for Muslim. You can choose either mini/pocket Al Quran, normal Al Quran made from different materials and colours or special custom made - hand made. Some people may choose a translation Al Quran.

What ever it is, doesn't matter how big/small or how much you have to pay for a single Al Quran, the most important thing, whether you read it, understand it. (tiba tiba terasa kepada diri sendiri). Bukan letak dalam rak sampai berdebu..

I am not a hafizah, khatam Al Quran more than 10 times, but once in a while i recite the Al Quran.. sangkut sangkut tak cukup nafas..still lupa ni ayat ni Mad Lazim mane eh? Siapa ingat lagi beza Izhar Halqi dan Izhar Shafawi?Kalau tengok movie or dengar lagu, siap dialog and lirik hafal.. *shame on me*

In view of Ramdhan, i would like to share what i got from my best friend. Its's a starter..

Macam mana nak tahu muka surat berapa juzuk kita nak cari? Let us learn together.

First thing, we must know how to read arabic numbers. i got from google and based from my previous arabic classes in school..tu pun dah ingat2 lupa..huu~~
Done? Ok let's proceed with some examples.

Example 1.

If we want to know Juz' 5 at what page:
5-1 = 4, 4 times 2 equals to 4 x 2 = 8
Put 2 after the answer.
So Juz' 5 at page 82.
Now, please check your Holy Quran at page 82.
Refer the arabic numbers on top..Interesting right?

Example 2.

If we want to know Juz' 10 at what page:
10-1 = 9, 9 times 2 equals to 9 x 2 = 18
Put 2 after the answer.
So Juz' 10 at page 182.
Now, please check your Holy Quran at page 182. Betulkan?

Ok last one..

Example 3.

If we want to know Juz' 23 at what page:
23-1 = 22, 22 times 2 equals to 22 x 2 = 44
Put 2 after the answer.
So Juz' 23 at page 442.
Now, please check your Holy Quran at page 442.

Subhanallah...its a miracle :) Jom ramai ramai baca Al Quran..hopefully dapatlah tambahkan pahala kita..selalu je buat dosa..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Promosi 500 Follower Ke Bawah

Vroomm vroom..kita break jap entry pasal kahwin2 k..terbaca blog Gadis dan Hanizan..pasal promosi blog..pencipta idea adalah blog AA. Rajin dan kreatifnya :)

Jom ramai2 join nak? (for below than 500 followers only).

Apa perlu buat?
  • Nama: Intan (ini nama sebenar)
  • Hobi: Bercakap tentang perkahwinan, melayari internet dan paling penting makan dan tidur
Tag siapa? Takde kot..siapa2 rasa nak buat..sila bagitau saya..saya tag anda semua yang sudi baca blog ni :)

Selamat berpuasa semua!

Monday, August 8, 2011

All about pretty things

Finally Mya & Dyana's came out with their latest official
Last time was under construction..penat mak tunggu..hehe..


I can feel their passion and excitement everytime they write and share about wedding, i may be wrong but from years..both of them working very hard to reach this level..I am still their blog silent reader even dah kawen (i believe other b2be too) and hoping to be like them day maybe..

Jom layan their offiicial website..tagline or slogan : all about pretty things..yes very the pun sangat cantik.. cam website martha stewart..sangat international you!

They offer wedding services like hantaran, deco, favours, gifts, cakes, cupcakes etc. ohh there's more, bibs and bumps (stuff for baby and mommy)

feel free to contact mya & dyana for more info :)

Congrats to both of you! don't stop never give up..

To b2be, jom serbu website diorang!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Satu Hari Di Hari Puasa

Kring kring! (bukan alarm tone handphone yang sebenar)

Hari ini hari pertama bersahur bersama suami. He woke me up at 0515 am and surfing the internet, watching tv while waiting for me to prepare the food...haha lucky to me have husband who loves to sleep less :)

En suami has to eat rice for sahur but another bonus point, he can eat whatever food that his mother and i served..MIL cakap en suami tak cerewet. What we had for our sahur?

Nasi putih (i cooked last night siap2), Tomyam (MIL tapau-ed for us), Telur Dadar (masak time sahur) & Ayam Goreng (juga masak time nak sahur) grand tak? biase je kan..

As today is our first day fasting, hopefully we can leave office early due to flexi hours time (around 4pm?) nak singgah bazaar Ramadhan~ talking about bazaar Ramadhan, you will definitely find lots and lots of traditional kuih muih and beverages.

Some of these kuih muih and beverages are also available for break fast and famous during wedding (for those who prefer local food). Let us review some of top lists.

as simple as abc..simple ke? :)

cendol..i love add some glutinous rice

curry puff with no onions

kuih lopez kegemaran jennifer lopez :)

caramel pudding

buah melaka

akok terengganu n kelantan

Siapa-siapa rajin nak buat entry pasal favourites korang either during fasting month or kenduri jangan lupa bagi tahu saya balik ye..i want to know about you too..

Solat jangan lupa ye :) Selamat berpuasa dan berbuka..ampun dan maaf dipinta dari kami.

With love,

Intan n Syazwan


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