Monday, August 8, 2011

All about pretty things

Finally Mya & Dyana's came out with their latest official
Last time was under construction..penat mak tunggu..hehe..


I can feel their passion and excitement everytime they write and share about wedding, i may be wrong but from years..both of them working very hard to reach this level..I am still their blog silent reader even dah kawen (i believe other b2be too) and hoping to be like them day maybe..

Jom layan their offiicial website..tagline or slogan : all about pretty things..yes very the pun sangat cantik.. cam website martha stewart..sangat international you!

They offer wedding services like hantaran, deco, favours, gifts, cakes, cupcakes etc. ohh there's more, bibs and bumps (stuff for baby and mommy)

feel free to contact mya & dyana for more info :)

Congrats to both of you! don't stop never give up..

To b2be, jom serbu website diorang!


  1. waktu malam mesti cantik centerpiece ni

  2. nora pun suka blog dorang !!... intan, nora ada anta email tahu... p.s komen di atas salah ye. salah blog td ahahah :)

  3. hahaha..comel nora~ ok no problem..nanti saye check n reply k :)

  4. Awhhhhhh.. Ur so sweet... Thanks a lot. Betul ckp u dear.. It was a rough challenge.. But with passion n mostly, blessed by allah & family.. Alhamdulillah..

    Most importantly, thank u very much for someone like u for keep on supporting us...

    We are venturing to new passion, that soon to be launched.. Now operating via facebook..

    Feel free to visit us ok! Thankk u soo million very muchhhh...



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