Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh Bulan Bintang - Wedding Dais

I found this picture from my friend's facebook..she went to bride's reception.
I have no idea about the venue, bridal that she chose..
but from the picture..

what a lovely and unique dais..
sitting on the crescent kinda sofa..with stars at the back..
ala ala bila larut malam..aci aci buka pintu kan?

its like a dream.
dreaming you get wed but its real!

share with me if you know this couple and bridal...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding at Duchess Place

Selamat Pengantin Baru to all brides..i pray for your everlasting those who get pregnant..congrats too!

Sorry gorgeous lisa lisut for not attending your wedding..i am still waiting for your wedding card until today..tq for tagging me the map through facebook but unfortunately MIL at very last minute did open house..been busy helping around..insyaAllah i will try my best to courier your wedding u sangat cantek lisaaa :) boleh tak kawen lagi sekali?

Saturday night, after PIL's open house..we went to en suami's schoolmate good friend..the venue? Duchess Place..the venue reminds about Elyana's solemnization..harus pakai baju mahal sikit..mekap lebih sikit..datang awal sikit nak ambil gambar..i had high expectation about the wedding...mesti grand gile...huuu~~

And yes, wedding sangat grand and cantik sangat2..sangat nak nangis tengok..jom kita an ordinary guest of the night, i believed the theme was garden wedding in teal vintage i correct mrs bride? hehee...

start nak nangis tengok pelamin ni...sangat classy yet simple..

o la laa~

close up..
simple artificial grass with red carpet.. spot meja beradap at the end?

how about this one?
takde walkway ke?

can i bring this english chair and flower deco back to home?

our table..terasa sangat VVIP~

artificial flowers as back drop was magnificent..

solemnization dais turned to meja beradap..
(sorry gambar error)

did i mention about the entrance?

all the VVIPs..hehe

definitely got walkways ; at the entrance
i like the idea..tak serabut2 dalam dewan..

skema wedding wish from en suami :)

the end~

Friday, September 16, 2011

First Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Haluu darls..

Still in Raya mode..anyone planning for Hari Raya open house? What a busy month kan..jemputan hosting open house? hehe not yet lorr..rumah kecik ajers..

Receive a reminder from Liyana yang comel, to update our first Hari Raya as husband and wife..hehe..tq dear..

Ok shall we start with who's side to celebrate Raya?

Actually both of us didn't discuss about this..both hometown was in Terengganu (2hours driving from en suami's granny house to my families house)..i was hoping en suami to start conversation,discussing about Raya but suddently on final week of Ramadhan..he said..

Suami : "Cuti ni kita balik rumah Tokma (PILs semua dah ada kt rumah Tokma) dulu, dekat nak raya balik rumah Mak."
Isteri : "Raya first kat mana?" (*berdebar-debar tanya*)
Suami : "Raya first kat rumah Mak"

Yeay!! I love my husband..

I really love to be with my PILs families but thinking of my family..not a big family..(my mom is the only child left..makcik pun dah meninggal..nenek pun dah takde) i was really hoping to celebrate first raya with my family..actually every holiday/celebration i wish to be with my family we both are working in KL, its not so often we go back to see my parents in Terengganu, spending more time with in laws (they stay in KL)..siap rasa nak nangis bila fikir hari raya yang sunyi because my younger sister also not here in Malaysia..youngest sister will be the only child left..

So after office hour on Friday, en suami drove back to Terengganu, straight to his grandparents house.We arrived almost midnight and had our sahur and break fast with his family. Two days before Raya, we went back to my parents, performed solat hari raya, visited my late Wan and Tokki's graves and went to pakcik and makcik.

Second day of Hari Raya, en suami drove back to his grandparents house. Visited his parents and saudara mara pulak..had BBQ..

Yes, very tiring, ulang alik ulang alik but good things i learnt from our Hari Raya journey..
  • Do early bag packing..penat woo kemas baju for 9 days..
  • Dont forget to bring back duit raya..hehe we left duit raya in KL..bawak balik sampul je..hehe..
  • En suami's families are close to each to be together even though all of them are staying just nearby..i am still learning to accept these kind of environment.. totally different from my nucleus family.
  • As a married couple, you have to be fair..concern about your family and in laws..if you always be with your family..why not spending more days with your in laws..i heard hadith about this before..
  • What a happy family i had. My mom was so excited when she knew we were going to celebrate first day Raya together, for first time ever she made satay specially for en suami..siap minta resipi from her good friend..before this..she made nasi minyak every year..never ever before. PILs also very kind to me..MIL gave me few ready made baju raya.Tokma kemas bilik and asked us to stay bit longer..sorry Tokma..
  • Kena beranak ramai2..hehe meriah..
I put some pictures for the memories...tak sempat snap pic banyak2 from my side..sedihh..insyaAllah Raya Aildiladha..cant wait for my younger sister to come back.

ayam BBQ~

kiboh (en suami's grandpa)

the only first day raya pic- green uols..


sukenye semua :)

sofea and nadhirah

My piece of advise to single ladies..while you are still single..please spend your sweet time with family..once have divide yourself into half..fairly..

That's all for now..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Doily Lantern

Before this, last Dec i used paper lanterns as my wedding deco. For me, its good and creative enough.

But guess what? I think these are latest creative ideas. Doily lanterns!

Rent or buy cheap lanterns, glue them with doilies..nicee..

Want to see more? Grab Pengantin magazine Sept 2011 edition now. Buka page 166 to 169.
I bought one too sebab sangat suka...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cupcakes Bouquet

source google

i love them..combination of turqoise cupcakes in a vase..
you can DIY too
engagement or wedding hantaran anyone?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya dan Merdeka all!

Selamat Hari Raya dan Merdeka all!

Thousand apologies for not being able to update blog. Thank you Lisa (cepatnye Lisa dah nak kawen) and Nida for your concern. Sangat terharu rupanya ada yang selalu baca blog saya. Ok let me tell you what happened to me for past few weeks.

I was tooo busy with office maklumla nak cuti raya panjang..9 days so many things to settle, even working during Hari Raya..luckily i was working at mother's house..not at in laws..typing mails, calling people..huuu..

Sometimes, i wish i can be a Supermak..doing houseworks on fast mode. End of the fasting month, i was busy doing bag packing for long leaves, prepare meal for sahur after isya' prayer n solat terawih kat rumah, do the laundries..

Office works and house works made me feel very tired..not complaining but to share..sorry ladies..

Next entry, i will share our first time Raya as husband and wife. as a kick-start, jeling2 la gambar di atas tu k.. en suami pretended to be cute and sweet..


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