Friday, December 9, 2011

Nov 2011 Wedding Pictures - Palace of the Golden Horses

Salam all,

This will be last entry for Nov 2011 weddings. I had opportunity to join my in laws for their good friend's son bertandang. I was really excited as the venue was Palace of the Golden Horses.

Almaklumlah nak kahwin kat sini tak mampu, join kemeriahan majlis orang pun jadila ye..

Their bertandang was 20.11.2011 while solemnization held 11.11.2011. Cantik date..

From the card, its garden wedding. I thought wedding would be an open space like Farah Af's wedding. Event supposed to start at 830pm. We have been informed that they were 3 other weddings at the same time so we planned to reach there early takut parking full pulak kan..around 630pm we reached sempatla snap2 pic..

Wedding sangat grand (gold,yellow cream theme), hard to share everything in pics..these are their arches..masuk-masuk ada satu, when you walked down the stairs there's another 3 arches.

bamboo style wedding signage

meja beradap

another view of meja beradap, full of flowers

as i mentioned earlier, there were 3 other weddings - see the canopies? tu lagi satu wedding kitorg jumpa..
i wonder cost bride and groom spent just for fully covered aircond canopies..

wedding by the lake

see the transparent canopies?
even time tu tengah hujan, we were safe :)

after performed Maghrib prayer (hotel sikit punya besar tapi surau nye mak aiii kecik n hapak..)
this picture took untuk mengisi masa's a horse lamp!

gambar buruk!
i was hanging the 'bride and groom leaf message'

ice sculpture

the menu - sedap!

announcing the arrival of bride and groom

bunga manggar

dayang-dayang to angkut sirih junjung

bride and groom ready to berarak
they stopped for a while and everyone was listening to selawat ke atas Nabi.

after berarak, both went straight to glutinous rice (pulut kuning) cutting session
no dais

while having our dinner, we have been entertained by gamelan team, tarian, oldies band called Otai Band (really recommend this band)
See that pakcik? he's like Kasim Selamat..played saxophone and violin...he's really talented..

Tiba tiba, guests were impressed with fireworks 5-10minutes show

Doorgift were telur pindang in gold box and pineapple tart. hehe forgot to snap pics.

What i know from FIL, they spent MYR250/pax for dinner. Fireworks presentation itself cost kira2 lah sendiri total expenses ye..hehehe...lucky bride and groom..wish you happiness :)

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  1. Jawsdropped. Haha.mak aiii kayaaanyaaa.. Cntikkk belaka...bestnya.rezeki kan huhu..( surau pogh buruk dan hapak?? Sighhh)

  2. cantiknye...tgk gmbr je da rs diri sendiri mewah...=D

  3. hello there,

    where can we hire otai band ni eh? we are still looking for one :) thank youu!



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