Monday, October 31, 2011

Hantaran New Design : Paper Flower Craft DIY

If you read my earlier pretty handbouquet entry from filmshotartifact from here, the team is now getting into pretty hantaran..

For bride to be who is looking for something different- no to ribbons, artificial or even fresh flowers..try them..

sirih junjung yang comel~

macaroons inside transparent jar

If your family especially moms are ok with these kind of hantaran, why not? sebab ada mak2 xsuke takut nampak kahwin main main..biasala mak2 suka bunga2 kan..price..i have no idea..tapi cantekkkk :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Doorgift : Which one you choose?

Having a husband who's a part time photographer of, selain husband quite occupied during weekends..i always get different kind of doorgifts everytime he reaches home..

These doorgifts made me feel to write this entry..which one you choose?
Sila pilih satu sahaja k..tiada undi rosak tau..hehe

Same price but

A. One doorgift - size doesnt matter eg.patchi/godiva chocs/muffin/vintage mirror/candles/engraved plate with bride and groom pics..

B. One paperbag with lots and lots of small things inside..ade jajan..telur..rempeyek..mentos..handkerchief..calendar..

Dah pilih?

Ok either A or B, which doorgift you prefer to get?

A. something eatable
B. something memorable - boleh simpan dalam almari
C. something usable cam sejadah..surah yasin..mug

Dah pilih? Share with me please..

Haiyoo susah nak pilih kan..but if bride choose one doorgift..u can save packaging time but it comes with price...

Some people think especially orang2 kampung.."alahai takkan satu je buah tangan dari famili pengantin kot"..but its normal for wedding at hotel..some other people will say.."banyak nye makanan..tak habisnye nanti kene buang..membazir je letak banyak-banyak" hohoho..

Susah kan nak puaskan hati semua orang? Hahah ikut suka kitala kan nak bagi apa..duit kita kan yang keluar untuk kahwin? :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4weddingku Blog Awards 2011

Susahnya nak nominate..all blogs have their own specialties and stories..if you read my earlier post about myaanddyana, founder of are now launching blog awards nomination for 2011!

For 201o winners, you deserved such awards..memang sangat frutiful idea yang korang share..still..i am still follwoing you guys..

For 2011, here's my nominations and why i chose them..

- i follow her before i get wed until today..lots of ideas and sharing..she loves to share her life..make up lover..and we chose same videographer on our big day too..not to forget..we celebrate our wedding anniversaries on same date too :)


- i follow her since early this year..she loves anything about designing..innovation and day..please bukak your own fashion shop're really talented..

- i started follow her after knowing her name is intan too..haha we share same name dear..but you are more more creative than i do..can i award you as DIY queen? creative in doing beadings and sewing..sangat rase nak tempah sekali hokeyy..

-siapa tak kenal kina..i cant imagine her life without an entry...look at her'll know how glamour and famous she is..very down to earth and gorgeous..

-another cute lady..always sharing her life from her bottom heart..suka taip entry to survey about wedding..about free or discount wedding promotion..she's very imaginative..

How i wish to meet all these ladies one day and sharing info about wedding and love~

Me? terlalu jauh untuk dinominasikan..hehehe.. undian ditutup!! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Part Time Maid

I'm husbandless for 3 weeks, he's attending courses 1 and 1/2 half week at Terengganu and 1 and 1/2 week at Putrajaya.

So last Saturday, i planned to get a part time maid to help me doing the houseworks..yeay sayang encik suami for allowing me hiring a maid..i know our house is not so big sampai boleh masuk rancangan Astana..but it's like a satisfaction to have somebody to clean the house..

First option, my officemate gave her mother's maid to help me with rm50 pay for the whole day. At very last minute, she had to cancel as her mother forgot that I already booked her maid and asked her to help their families kenduri..i just knew about 10pm pulak tu..i was very frustrated to know and start thinking maybe i have to clean the house on my own..

Takpe takpe..dengan semangat yang membara mencari part time maid..second option, i immediately googled and with 'part time maid ampang''s keyword..few more options at my finger tips now..hehe..suke2..i tried one number and sms-ed..a lady replied my sms "which area are you?"..i called her and she said they don't cover my area..uh uh..sedih..

Then i tried my luck and text another number..this time..i clearly state my home address and he/she replied..yeayy they cover my area..even at very last minute still can accomodate my request..sangat suka..

Indon maid came to my house the next day around 9am..doing all the houseworks starting from cleaning and buang habuk..vacuumm..mopping..sental toilet..even kemas2 and susun pinggan mangkuk dalam mini cabinet..sangat cepat dan pantas..i like~ i didn't ask her to iron and fold my clothes..that's minor for me to ask and let her focus more with 'wet tasks'..

How much did i pay her? rm70..(rm50 for 3hours 30min and additional 1 hour extra)..once in a blue moon pay and getting such good service..its good enough for me...bukan setiap minggu..before she went back..i gave her some tidbits yang confirm tak habis dimakan and mineral water..kesian tengok kerja peluh2..thank you adik maid yang rajin bekerja..

En suami don't prefer a full time maid as he wants some privacy and believe we can save more for future..lagipun stay as couple bukan banyak sepah pun..boleh exercise kemas rumah..for me..i would like to avoid from being too kind to outsiders..its hard to let go if i already trust and treat them as's also important for me not to get involved kalau yang buat pasal cam mencuri dan goda suami orang..haishh simpang malaikat empat puluh empat..

My piece of advise for those who hire part time maid..please keep an eye of your belongings..especially small things like ring, watch..not to forget your handbag and laptop..its better to keep them with you..for self checking..i will put something small like pengepit baju ke tepi pin next to dining check if the maid executing her job well..kalau tak beralih benda2 tu semua..i will show her and ask to do it again..garang tak? tak kan? haha bayar kot...before she goes back...i randomly check if anything missing..if everything ok..i'll pay her accordingly..

Gambar rumah lepas kemas?

haha kidding..source from Ikea
sorry cable takde nk transfer pic before and after kemas..

P/s: visit here and here if you wish to hire part time maid..i never deal with them before..maybe you can try..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dulang Rental & Fresh Flower Promotion

source here

Dear all,
I've found this promotion from Fabulous Floral's Facebook..

It's very cheap with fresh flower deco some more..
I believe the promotion is still valid..

Jom ramai2 penuhkan inbox diorang and get to know more about the offer..
Maybe you are the next lucky one kan :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wood Wedding - Dais and Deco

Did you ever imagine to have a wood wedding? For's like an eco friendly and a simple back to nature wedding..siapa setuju?

I found these creative ideas from Party Popperz, Arjuna Cipta and mr googley :)

lace umbrellas and doilies

flower-less :)

macam boleh buat back drop tu sendiri je kan?
tapi dengan kadar ketabahan yang maksima..

wedding cake dengan lalang2..hehe


dulang pun kayukah?

i told u..very back to nature..

candle deco

guest table no..

hope can give you some inspiration..can's just the matter of time and tenaga kerahan..good luck!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Bad Wolf - The Biggest Book Sale in The World

for those who loves to read..dont miss your chance for the biggest book sale in the world!
at MAEPS, near to UPM Serdang

I've been there last weekend..murah gileerr..
they were selling international books and magazines with cheapest price kot..
for the first timer joining such big sale..rasa sangat teruja..

from my observation, they had cookery section, fictions, travels, parenting, children, magazine, computers, history..

local books and magazines were not available..

for newly wed yang nak tambat hati suami dengan masakan, grab cookery books
for newly mommy, grab health and parenting toddlers and children books too..
for newly wedding couple, grab interior design magazines
for those who love reading love and romance can grab them too..

end up i dont feel like buying anything..
sakit kaki pakai heels tinggi tawaf satu building..
rase cam rugi plak..
(mungkin rindu pada en suami rasa tak best jalan sorang2)

still have time to go...sales end by 16th Oct..

tips: wear flat sandal/shoes, bring your own trolly, datang awal for strategic parking space..

Friday, October 7, 2011

Repost : Intan & Syazwan Wedding Highlight

Terharu~ I checked my facebook this morning..suddently i saw LHMediaTV repost our wedding highlight..

Almost 10 months already and feel like soo berhabuk for future b2be to watch my wedding yang simple tu..the venue - my home sweet home not Royal Chulan Hotel..for deco -mostly i DIY,rent, bought on my own, did survey, asking people around and blogwalking..tak mampu nak book Flora etc and Nas Great Idea..due to distance and obviously the cost..

But but but..LHMediaTV really made my day! I can't stop believing my wedding had the specialty on its own..suke suke~

Until today, i can't stop promoting LHMediaTV when friends asking about my wedding videographer..En Lukman and his wife were really creative, committed, warm and friendly (even they look bit shy shy :) )..En suami and I were really comfortable discussing, listening to his experiences and new ideas..

Not to forget, celebrities like Farah AF, Nabil Raja Lawak, Danny XFactor, and many more chose them too.. :)

If i can go back to the past, I will still choose LHMediaTV as my first about you?

Jom ramai2 email for the best price. jangan malu jangan segan..the team definitely serve you the best..

Introducing my repost wedding highlight..thank you LHMediaTV :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Deco - Photos

I did laptop spring cleaning and suddently found as wedding deco.

For budget bride, you can buy fishing line and pengepit baju..
hang your lovely piccas sesedap rasa


buy or find your old photo frames
lekat kat pokok and set a table for deco


how about hanging photo frames like these?
tie with ribbons


if you want to save cost, perhaps to deco for meja beradap or VVIP tables only :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

I Think I Like This Mermaid Dress

From Rizman Ruzaini,

i think i like this mermaid dress...
i think i saw 'scales' kat hip flowy flowy..
i think designer chose combination of pink peach and baby yellow..
i think few b2be have the idea of getting the same dress on your own..
for muslimah b2be..i think you know better how to alter the dress accordingly..

source here

source here

liking this couple..hurm i dont think so....sorry to say but i pray for your everlasting marriage.. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Part Time Wedding Business

Salam all,

1 Zulkaedah Ramadhan and Syawal left us soo fast..harus berusaha ganti puasa cepat2..Selamat Pengantin Baru to newlyweds!

Talking about wedding again, en suami is now busy with his new part time business..its been a month i guess, took wedding pictures somewhere Cheras, Subang, Putrajaya and Seremban..en suami is second photographer of

I realized en suami love to be with camera since university..rugi I tak pandai posing dan batu..kalau tak boleh jadi model sendirian berhad dah :) MIL said he loves to take family pictures since sekolah wonder bila tengok album selalu muka die takde...en suami always takes pictures..suka2 for my office and family events....wanna see his touch? click

En suami said he wants to join aizu as he loves what he does..from a hobby to a part time job..kerja full time alhamdulillah dah ok dah tapi he loves to get more for his wifey..haha i see money money money..haha sangat mata duitan..kesian en suami..not enough rest during weekend..thank you en suami for planning to buy sofa bed from ikea from his part time job...yet to buy but i can smell the sofa already..can't wait :) kumpul duit sikit sikit k..syukur alhamdulillah!

So anyone out there (not necessarily for b2be), if you prefer and adore their artwork, book now k..

Jom layan their latest projects..

yesterday's solemnization - i took this picture from aizu's fb
dalam swimming pool u ols :)

juju and ijam @ taman chempaka, ampang

juju and ijam again

I wish for a wedding business jugak..macam merisik gallery..rendabelleza and myaanddyna boleh?


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