Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Bad Wolf - The Biggest Book Sale in The World

for those who loves to read..dont miss your chance for the biggest book sale in the world!
at MAEPS, near to UPM Serdang

I've been there last weekend..murah gileerr..
they were selling international books and magazines with cheapest price kot..
for the first timer joining such big sale..rasa sangat teruja..

from my observation, they had cookery section, fictions, travels, parenting, children, magazine, computers, history..

local books and magazines were not available..

for newly wed yang nak tambat hati suami dengan masakan, grab cookery books
for newly mommy, grab health and parenting toddlers and children books too..
for newly wedding couple, grab interior design magazines
for those who love reading love and romance can grab them too..

end up i dont feel like buying anything..
sakit kaki pakai heels tinggi tawaf satu building..
rase cam rugi plak..
(mungkin rindu pada en suami rasa tak best jalan sorang2)

still have time to go...sales end by 16th Oct..

tips: wear flat sandal/shoes, bring your own trolly, datang awal for strategic parking space..


  1. thanks intannn! i tot dh habis pameran i saw kt fb org asik update psl this fair.tgk2 u kata smpai 16 oct.nice!

  2. i selalu pergi kedai dia kat amcorp jer. situ pun dah almost 50% less than retail price. for sure kat sini super duper murah! sadly i kat Penang tak sempat nak pergi. sob sobs.

  3. planning for going tomorrow.buying books is a therapy.boleh tak macam tu?:p

    thanks 4 sharing dear!!

  4. lisa: hehe kalo sempat pegila lisa..ade byk buku

    atiqah:haaa kwn i pun ckp kedai die kt amcorp tp xpernah pegila..maybe kalo yg terlepas boleh pergi kedai die terus kot..tq for sharing dear :)

    cik zimie: dah beli belum? boleh terus buat rumah jadi library terus kan.. :)



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