Monday, October 3, 2011

I Think I Like This Mermaid Dress

From Rizman Ruzaini,

i think i like this mermaid dress...
i think i saw 'scales' kat hip flowy flowy..
i think designer chose combination of pink peach and baby yellow..
i think few b2be have the idea of getting the same dress on your own..
for muslimah b2be..i think you know better how to alter the dress accordingly..

source here

source here

liking this couple..hurm i dont think so....sorry to say but i pray for your everlasting marriage.. :)


  1. dress ni lagi lawa dr yg vera wang kott

  2. lawa dress ni.. better dr yg satu lg tu.. ngeee.. :P

  3. i love the color combination!!just like dato' siti's wedding dress last time..heee

  4. nana: betulll~ dress memey yg ni lg cantek..:)

    cikFM:hehe tengokla designer die kan..huhu rizman ruzaini~~

    cindellyna: yessss..i remember that too..tapi dato siti ala baju2 snow white if i'm not mistaken :)

  5. here, i'm realized that i love pink so much.

    sebelum ni taknak mengaku. ngeh3x



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