Friday, October 7, 2011

Repost : Intan & Syazwan Wedding Highlight

Terharu~ I checked my facebook this morning..suddently i saw LHMediaTV repost our wedding highlight..

Almost 10 months already and feel like soo berhabuk for future b2be to watch my wedding yang simple tu..the venue - my home sweet home not Royal Chulan Hotel..for deco -mostly i DIY,rent, bought on my own, did survey, asking people around and blogwalking..tak mampu nak book Flora etc and Nas Great Idea..due to distance and obviously the cost..

But but but..LHMediaTV really made my day! I can't stop believing my wedding had the specialty on its own..suke suke~

Until today, i can't stop promoting LHMediaTV when friends asking about my wedding videographer..En Lukman and his wife were really creative, committed, warm and friendly (even they look bit shy shy :) )..En suami and I were really comfortable discussing, listening to his experiences and new ideas..

Not to forget, celebrities like Farah AF, Nabil Raja Lawak, Danny XFactor, and many more chose them too.. :)

If i can go back to the past, I will still choose LHMediaTV as my first about you?

Jom ramai2 email for the best price. jangan malu jangan segan..the team definitely serve you the best..

Introducing my repost wedding highlight..thank you LHMediaTV :)


  1. tgk lg skali jugakk hehe.i love ur dais.mcm i pye tp u pye of cos lg lawa sbb diy.hahahaha

    at least u ade video babe! best! hehehe.

  2. i tried to hire LH but they didnt reply.masa tu tgh ada prob kot..2009.i like their work cuma xde rezeki.huhu

  3. sweet...ske tgk yg scene kat pntai..romantik gitu..:)

  4. lisa: tq lisa..biase je la..u punye pun cantek la lisa..ade org dh kembang kt sini *blush blush*

    dialicious: ohh maybe time tu diorg baru nk establish..skrg dh gempak siap amik artis2 kan..bertuah diorg murah rezeki..

    amani: tq dear...saye mmg xpandai berlakon..nasib baik scene die cantik :)

  5. ala.... so sweet!!!! mahal tak? love ur dais!!!!



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