Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Red Roses Solemnization Theme

I was called to made this entry - even though her wedding held midst Sept and dengar khabar angin Eira Syazira bunting pelamin..

I got these pictures after browsing her solemnization OP facebook page (banyak rupanya OP wedding Eira ni..)

Credit to G.i Photoshoot for clear and awesome piccas.

2 in 1 dais perasan tak?

For more, click here.

Hantaran Azad to Eira by Ari Weddingcouture (patutla cantekss)
Dais by Zaha Planner

suddently reminds me of our solemnization theme yang simple di sini..haha tak malu tumpang menyelit :p

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 2011 Weddings Pictures - 2 Zahiril + Sheera

For today's entry, jom enjoy few pics i curik from their OP - jangguttouch

Obviously am not invited to their wedding...i knew Zahiril pun from his hero role at Juvana TV3 while Sheera unfortunately i never see her in TV3 before..what i know, she is one of WHI host..

Earlier while watching Melodi, i melted when Zahiril said something sweet "Saya mahu habiskan seluruh hidup saya dengan seseorang yang dijadikan dari rusuk kiri saya" something like that~ sweet kan? hopefully their marriage lasts forever..

From OP, these are few pics i choose to share with you all. Why?

i heart Sheera's reception dais..

is this their wedding cake? ada sedikit curiga di situ..

if for engagement she chose pastel baby pink cream..

now for solemnization, she chose white, grey and cream bling2..
contra kan but still cantik!
(the best solemnization dais pic i found)

instead of choosing nature for their outdoor, contruction place (i guess) is the spot..
confirm berpeluh2 pengantin but idea is something new..
no more beach and garden for guling-guling cam hindustan :)

Anyway, selamat pengantin baru you both..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nov 2011 Weddings Pictures - 1 Vintage Modern

Salam all,

As i promised before, i will share wedding pics for Nov 2011 wedding. Let us start with Nana + Hariz dated 11.11.11.

Actually en husband supposed to be second photographer for but since we just got back after Raya Haji then have to travel back for Nana's wedding, en suami said he was too tired to travel ulang alik..unfortunately i have to miss her wedding... :(..

Frust jugak actually because Nana already sent her wedding card..comel and am excited to attend her home reception and beach wedding..Nana is my younger sister's i forced my sister to attend on behalf..alang2 my sister and her hubby went back to Malaysia for raya..dan untuk tebus ketidakhadiranku..i made this entry dedicated to you :)

Thank you Nana for always blogwalking here...hoho rase terharu..mesti lepas ni Nana dah tak blogwalking lagi...what a vintage and modern DIY wedding you had..cantik wedding Nana~i adore your hard work..

Selamat pengantin baru dear!

Apa lagi, jom layan few official pics from excluding beach wedding (tu tak siap edit lagi kot)...

Monday, November 21, 2011

November Weddings Everywhere

Happy monday all!

A quick entry..

11.11.11 and 20.11.2011; good dates to get married..i have few wedding pictures to be shared tapi tak menyempat2 nak update..hopefully be able to share with you all this week..insyaAllah..

Oh tidak dilupakan artis2 kahwin, millions money spent and saudari baru in the house..

Sorry bride-bloggers for not be able to attend..quite occupied attending family events..congrats and happy to all of you!

sneak preview of palace of the golden horses - garden wedding

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dowry/ Duit Hantaran : Who decide?

November and December are synonyms to holidays are significant reason for couple to end their single lives - easy for families to travel and bring their kids sepupu sepapat semua.. regardless monsoon has to carry on..

For 2012 brides, have you decide how much dowry/wang hantaran from groom to you? For some families, dowry is kinda sensitive issue. Some families may set their own value, belah lelaki has to follow belah perempuan..and sometimes bride has to follow groom side because groom is the one who's giving the dowry.

Back to our topic today, who suppose to decide? groom or bride? or their families?

To share my own experience, en suami asked how much i want..hahaha dekat mata dah keluar "$$$" but obviously i won't demand..i asked him about X..ok tak? (sorry as i won't reveal our dowry in public) he said we set our hantaran as X...full stop!

Then i told my mother and asked her opinion..mak kata ikut suka la..then en suami told his family..MIL actually wanted to give more...(alaaa rugi tak letak tinggi lagi :) ) but then since we already decided..she offered to add solemnization ring on top of hantaran..initially en suami and i only planned for a bracelet to save cost tapi MIL offered to tambah..both families agreed..simple and senang..

From my story, bride and groom decide and families follow. No miscommunication. Alhamdulillah..

Islam point of view - dowry is set by groom side as the husband will take responsible for this wife, tanggung dosa semua. In that case, bride and her families cannot demand. Regardless market sekarang berapa pun..unless bride is 'perfect'. I share below video for sharing from Ustaz Azhar.

Lawak tapi cynical :)

I believe, the most important thing is communication.

Yes, groom has the right to set dowry but it is advisable if groom can be more considerate. Kalau famili pengantin perempuan bukan dari golongan yang senang, its best if groom can be more generous, kan nak jadi satu famili. Tolong menolong. I believe, dowry is used for kenduri/caterer. Not to forget, bride side has to prepare for engagement, solemnization and reception. More events to handle than one sambut menantu for groom side.

For bride, if you receive more hantaran than what you expect, save for future. Money can be used for both of you.

If conflict arise macam disagreement on hantaran, i would suggest bride and groom to discuss internally before involving families. Why do you need such amount? Thinking of pros and cons. Never create bad impression to both sides. Please be firm when making decision and use your soft skills when convincing your own families. You know them better, don't you? all the best :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Still Waiting and Praying

I always hear from the other mommies and wives, if you want to get pregnant - please don't be stress..

What should i do? its impossible for me not to stress every single nature of work really requires me to think and react fast. make decision dan dan tu jugak..else it will effect whole operations..late decisions involve money.. people around asking.."lamenye kahwin tak pregnant lagi ke?" getting even stress..

Am i thinking too deep? perkara kecik pun dibesar2kan..husband said before..dont think too much..go with the flow..what should i do? i love to think..(haha bukan pandai pun..but it's me!)

Let me list down what i did all these while to avoid being stress:
  1. 10% checking Blackberry after working hours; kalau dulu pantang bunyi sikit terus tengok kot2 ade email ofis yang penting.
  2. 10% online after working hours, being online remembers me about work
  3. Watch TV - rancangan menggembirakan cam masterchef (gembira ke?), stupid or sitcom series
  4. Try to sleep well ( i always have dream and en suami said its not good as your brain is not hibernating well..betulke?)
  5. Taking supplements -multivitamins plus folic acid, Biodex and minum air buah zuriat.
So far, my menstrual cycle is superb..every month and cycle is accurate (kalau lari pun sehari dua je) with minor PMS..maybe later jumpa doctor la mintak advise..

Maybe i banyak dosa la..sebab tu Allah bagi banyak dugaan kan :( Sometimes, syaitan selalu hasut Tuhan tak sayang or ade orang dengki (hehe sapela nak dengki kat kami)..sometime terfikir..ohh maybe nak mati syahid kot bila beranak nanti..sebab tu Tuhan bagi rezeki lambat suruh appreciate live dulu..but when en suami comforts me..i know it must be me going far from Him..

I know my mom worries about me, buat sembahyang hajat..cakap jangan stress fikir pelik pelik..maybe i need more vacation untuk cari ketenangan..

I read this doa in Malay..rasa sedih sangat baca..from our Prophet Zakaria:

"Wahai Tuhanku! Janganlah Engkau biarkan daku seorang diri (dengan tidak meninggalkan zuriat); dan Engkaulah jua sebaik-baik yang mewarisi" - Surah Al-Anbiya' ayat 89.

Please anyone comfort me..ada siapa2 pakar kaunseling tak? hehe..i want to keep trying and stay positive but every month..hampa..

This Christmas is our first wedding i wish to give special present to both families..

P/S: ohh today date cantik..11.11.11...mesti ramai yang kahwin & pregnant harini kan..congrats!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Solemnization Song Idea : Penghujung Cintaku

Halu dear...i've chose this song for any b2be who prefer kinda jiwang song..either for your slide show presentation, video, or during event..

I heard this song, Penghujung Cintaku from Pasha ft Adelia during our journey back to hometown time Aidiladha..suke part lirik Pasha cakap "Aku akan menikahimu"... love this song even suara Adelia cam sengau sikit..hehehe..

Berakhir sudah pencarian cintaku
Jiwa ini tak lagi sepi
Hati ini telah ada yang miliki
Tiba diriku di penghujung mencari cinta
Diri ini tak lagi sepi
Kini aku tak sendiri

Aku akan menikahimu
Aku akan menjagamu
Ku kan selalu di sisimu seumur hidupmu

Aku akan menyayangimu
Ku kan setia kepadamu
Ku kan selalu di sisimu seumur hidupmu

Tiba diriku di penghujung mencari cinta
Hati ini tak lagi sepi
Kini aku tak sendiri

Aku akan menyayangimu
Ku kan setia kepadamu
Ku kan selalu di sisimu seumur hidupmu

Aku akan menikahimu
Aku akan menjagamu
Ku kan selalu di sisimu seumur hidupmu

Ku kan selalu di sisimu seumur hidupmu
Seumur hidupmu
Seumur hidupmu
Seumur hidupmu
Seumur hidupmu

Anyone bunga-bunga after reading the lyrics? Jom dengar kt sini pulak :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Malay Wedding Expo and Malaysia Wedding Festival

Salam all,

Today i would like to share some info about wedding expos currently held and will be held as below.

a) Malay Wedding Expo

4 - 6 November 2011 @ Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) - cancel rupenye!

b) Malaysia Wedding Festival

11 - 13 November 2011 @ Hall 1 (Mid Valley Megamall)

Today, i will accompany my good friend to PWTC..haha i voluntarily love to be involved in wedding again..tiba-tiba jadi wedding consultant pulak..

Haritu dah teman another friend to Jalan TAR..searching for few bridal houses and shops i would recommend for her engagement day..even though she didn't buy anything due to budget constraint and kena check dengan menteri kewangan dulu..but i was soo happy for helping her around..

I'm not an expert or membangga i pun budget and ade flaws jugak..just giving my two cents and sharing my experiences to future brides :)

For officemates who asking for my blog url, silent readers and fb friends who dropped mails..thank you very much for supporting me..not to beloved followers yang sudi click button follow...

Muah :)

P/s: I am going back to hometown (Terengganu) after work today..can't wait to celebrate Aidiladha with families..take care all :)

sekadar gambar hiasan :)


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