Friday, November 4, 2011

Malay Wedding Expo and Malaysia Wedding Festival

Salam all,

Today i would like to share some info about wedding expos currently held and will be held as below.

a) Malay Wedding Expo

4 - 6 November 2011 @ Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) - cancel rupenye!

b) Malaysia Wedding Festival

11 - 13 November 2011 @ Hall 1 (Mid Valley Megamall)

Today, i will accompany my good friend to PWTC..haha i voluntarily love to be involved in wedding again..tiba-tiba jadi wedding consultant pulak..

Haritu dah teman another friend to Jalan TAR..searching for few bridal houses and shops i would recommend for her engagement day..even though she didn't buy anything due to budget constraint and kena check dengan menteri kewangan dulu..but i was soo happy for helping her around..

I'm not an expert or membangga i pun budget and ade flaws jugak..just giving my two cents and sharing my experiences to future brides :)

For officemates who asking for my blog url, silent readers and fb friends who dropped mails..thank you very much for supporting me..not to beloved followers yang sudi click button follow...

Muah :)

P/s: I am going back to hometown (Terengganu) after work today..can't wait to celebrate Aidiladha with families..take care all :)

sekadar gambar hiasan :)


  1. never mind intan.tak semua org ade passion terhadap wedding lagi2 lps kawin.u masih ade passion itu so enjoy and help other b2b okey? hehe.i suka baca je.buat research mmg

  2. eh lupa.slmt haru raya Haji.take care :)

  3. hehe tq lisa..i baru balik dr cuti raya haji..selamat hari raya haji jugak :)



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