Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nov 2011 Weddings Pictures - 1 Vintage Modern

Salam all,

As i promised before, i will share wedding pics for Nov 2011 wedding. Let us start with Nana + Hariz dated 11.11.11.

Actually en husband supposed to be second photographer for but since we just got back after Raya Haji then have to travel back for Nana's wedding, en suami said he was too tired to travel ulang alik..unfortunately i have to miss her wedding... :(..

Frust jugak actually because Nana already sent her wedding card..comel and am excited to attend her home reception and beach wedding..Nana is my younger sister's i forced my sister to attend on behalf..alang2 my sister and her hubby went back to Malaysia for raya..dan untuk tebus ketidakhadiranku..i made this entry dedicated to you :)

Thank you Nana for always blogwalking here...hoho rase terharu..mesti lepas ni Nana dah tak blogwalking lagi...what a vintage and modern DIY wedding you had..cantik wedding Nana~i adore your hard work..

Selamat pengantin baru dear!

Apa lagi, jom layan few official pics from excluding beach wedding (tu tak siap edit lagi kot)...


  1. all about the wedding is sweet, the colours, dais, deco and etc.. sumenye cantikk...!!

  2. awww terharu! thank u kak intan! really2 appreciate it :)
    nana x sure sarah sampai x umah nana punye wedding, sbb x sempat jmpe..
    ape pun... thank u sooo sooo much! :)

  3. cantik gile wedding dia.soft color.mcm marshmallow lak i rasa.hahaha.sweetnya. kek dia tu cantik :)

  4. pastel color! cantik. nampak sweet and nice.

  5. i love everything...sgt vintage...nak jugakk!! huhuhu

  6. Nice wedding theme. Rasa macam nak kahwin semula..with the same guy Im married now of course. Haha

  7. less is more..cantikk..soft color die..sjuk mata mmndang

  8. sweetnye pengantin perempuan die pkai mcm tue..tetibe teringat greek hehehe

  9. speechless..biar korang la yg decide wedding ni k..hehee..just sharing ideas and her wedding :)



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