Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 2011 Weddings Pictures - 2 Zahiril + Sheera

For today's entry, jom enjoy few pics i curik from their OP - jangguttouch

Obviously am not invited to their wedding...i knew Zahiril pun from his hero role at Juvana TV3 while Sheera unfortunately i never see her in TV3 before..what i know, she is one of WHI host..

Earlier while watching Melodi, i melted when Zahiril said something sweet "Saya mahu habiskan seluruh hidup saya dengan seseorang yang dijadikan dari rusuk kiri saya" something like that~ sweet kan? hopefully their marriage lasts forever..

From OP, these are few pics i choose to share with you all. Why?

i heart Sheera's reception dais..

is this their wedding cake? ada sedikit curiga di situ..

if for engagement she chose pastel baby pink cream..

now for solemnization, she chose white, grey and cream bling2..
contra kan but still cantik!
(the best solemnization dais pic i found)

instead of choosing nature for their outdoor, contruction place (i guess) is the spot..
confirm berpeluh2 pengantin but idea is something new..
no more beach and garden for guling-guling cam hindustan :)

Anyway, selamat pengantin baru you both..


  1. cantik nya pelamin sheera!!! oh macam TERinspired dekat baju pengantin dan baju pengapit.macam dpt idea sket for my wedding nanti.heh.thnx intan for sharing:)

  2. pelamin resepsi cantik dan unik!

  3. i suka dais recep n nikah dia.wuwuwuwuw..

  4. i adore jangguttouch, all picture look so solf!

  5. sangat suke tgk wedding diorg..jelessssss hehehe

  6. reena : a'a cantek..kaler pun soft tp exclusive

    zimie: ohhh alhamdulillah tlg zimie bg idea..good luck dear :)

    dhiera: a'a unik with woods and bulu2 some more :)

    lisa: yes..cantek with bunga2..

    ieda: gamabr diorg pun i xsurela brape janggut touch quote..

    uya: saye di sini pun jeles jgk..masa sudah berlalu..huhu :)



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