Thursday, December 29, 2011

360 Revolving Restaurant on 1st Year Wedding Anniversary

I've been silent for a week plus..sorry la ye siapa2 yg merindu..hohoho..really really busy with work..just sempat to stalk, blogwalking and comments other blogs..on top of that..i was having fever but nothing more happen k..maybe later i will make one entry about the whole story..let me review about our 1st year wedding anniversary celebration first k..

Every year, the whole world will be on day leave and celebrate our wedding together..of course la kan since we got married on Christmas..lagi2 this year extra one day as Christmas falls on Sunday...bestnyeee...

A week before anniversary, en suami said he wanted to have a dinner at KL the package for two will be bit pricey compared to lunch..takpela orang belanja mestilah wajib layan :) I went there once few years back for lunch and if not mistaken the restaurant's name was 'Restoran Berputar' but now change to '360 Revolving Restaurant' hurm maybe different management but the objective of having the spinning and revolving restaurant still the same.

When i first went there with cousin's family, i wore casual attire with no jeans and this time en suami said we can wear anything we feel comfortable..hurm entah betul entah tak..bit worried actually sekali salah tema kena halau ke kan..when i watched Laila Isabella before, Nasha Aziz and Hans Isaac wore formal attire..siap coat and dress bagai..but en suami said we already booked and rules and regulations in their website didn't mention about belasah je la ye..

We reached KL Tower around 815pm after Maghrib prayer..parkings were almost full..banyak betul lawatan sambil belajar..we parked suka hati je at yellow lane as no more parking available..

What en suami said about attire was true..when we arrived there and about to take lift straight to the restaurant, we saw few tourists in jeans and ladies even in short skirts..meaning it was free and easy dinner..when we took the lift, the guard asked if we want to stop at observation deck first before go to restaurant but since dua2 kebulur tahan lapar dari lunch for this dinner..straight away we requested for restaurant..

We were welcomed by the waitress and she showed us the table..en suami started with fruits..bajet healthy starter la sangat kan..

My starter were roti canai, pasta, black pepper beef and chocolate ball..sedap! We only ordered warm water as other drinks were not complimentary in the package.

My second plate was briyani rice, cauliflower, fish, another beef and secubit roasted duck, salad and mihun sup. I am allergic to seafood except fish since 6, so i avoid from taking those food..I am also not a Japanese fan, obviously i wont take sushi..haishh manyak rugi la belanja ini budak..banyak tak makan..

My third plate was desserts and fruits..they served Christmas savouries..banyak tak i makan? hurmm i dont think so..en suami also ate few..perut dah masuk angin katanya..

For those who yet to go, i believe the price we paid (RM396 for 2) were not only about the food..compared to few years varieties were just so-so..nothing outstanding for me la..but the romantic moments with laid back songs, cahaya yang samar2, revolving restaurant were something different and memorable..makan slow2 dan nikmati keindahan malam should be ok :)

Want to see revolving (berputar) effects? take a look at below pic k..i took Picture A and Picture B in ~30 secs interval from our table at same position..can you compare distances from restaurant entrance, singer and our table? makin lama makin jauh..

Picture A

Picture B

Before we went home, sempat snap KLCC from top..

That's how we celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary..thank you en suami for the treat even mula2 die cakap lupa bawak wallet (reason taknak bayar) you for a thousand years..eceeceehh :)

p/s: Liyana, happy anniversary dear..bestnya dia dapat baby hari anniversary..nak jugakk~~


  1. happy anniversary liyana..romanticnya..i tak pernah naik kl tower okk.apsalla dulu skolah i tak bawak rmbongan bljr ke situ.hahahah...

    terliur je i tgk skrg tgh tak sihat pandang je le..huhu

  2. happy suwitt

    hehe my husband pernah ajak g makan kat situ....tapi...tapi..dgn 2 anak kecik sure la xberapa enjoy dan takut revolving restaurant jd tsunami restaurant dgn karenah anak2

  3. recommended tak untuk sambutan birthday husband kat situ..?huhu

  4. wah bestnya pegi kl tower lg. happy anniversary dear. dh setahun dh kan. semoga berkekalan sampai akhir hayat :)

  5. lisa: haha u first panggil i liyana...betulke u wish anniversary i ni lisa..haha..kalo time skrg2 ni xyahla naik kl tower..ramai gile org

    ryyhan: haha kelaka ryyhan..yes xrekomen kalo bwk anak2 sbb haritu kitorg pegi pun bising ade budak2 main kete mainan la..lari2 bawak belonla..

    princess cindellyna: hurm kalo celebrate bday jiwang2 ok dtg 2 org je tau.. :)

    cha: tq cha for the wish..tula sekejap je dh sthn kawen :)

  6. Eh haahla apsal i panggil u liyana.dangg. Myb i terigt nama u intan marliana kot,hahahah. Sll pggl u



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