Monday, December 12, 2011

One Year Wedding Anniversary - Save the date video

I admit, lately, i'm very busy with other things rather than updating blog..hehe ape yang busy sangat tu? i fall in love even more with encik aaron aziz after watched Ombak Rindu..i watched whole Nora Elena series again, youtube-ing and follow his tweeter..ampun suami..ini adalah duniawi semata-mata you more than aaron aziz!

To tebus my negligence, today i will re-share my save the date video. motif?

Dec is our wedding anniversary month..dah banyak pokok krismas means christmas aka our anniversary around the corner..yes bit late to share, harini pun dah 12hb tapi layan je la ye..

The idea of save the date video ni actually a very tiba-tiba..i never thought of having even a wedding this point of time, i found LHMediaTV quotation among the reasonable and affordable..i still remember at that time, i went to Pameran Pengantin and met en Lukman's wife, kak Ummi..she explained to me about the package and i asked her dengan muka tak tau malu " boleh tak bagi save the date free on top of solemnization and reception videos?"

Then she went to her husband, can't guess what they were discussing and tup tup en lukman kata "ok"...hehe i suspected kak Ummi goda2 en Lukman by offering special honeymoon at Terengganu (my wedding venue) alang-alang datang shoot wedding kami, dapat honeymoon terus :)

I still remember our shoot supposed to be Saturday around 8 am. En Lukman said morning is good for lighting, i have no idea at all. Pagi-pagi buta terpacak kt KLCC Park but ended up en Lukman and his assistant arrived late around 10am. Partner terlambat bangun katanye..hehe time tu rasa cam nak marah dah..haha lari mood mak..(hooho cam artis)..but en tunang time tu suruh sabar banyak2..ok fine i sabar..dahla dapat free kan..demand lebih pulak..

En Lukman was very creative and imaginative. Lagi2 mengarahkan si batu kayu cam saya ni suruh berlakon..what we told en Lukman, we want a video yang takde adegan pegang-pegang since we were yet to marry..(that's why ade adegan pegang cermin) while we were shooting, siap ada tourists datang bergambar..haha diorg ingat kami ni artis..hoho nasib baik tak mintak autograph..glemer jap mak..

Our scenes mostly at KLCC Park, KL Convention Centre and KLCC entrance.

After shooting pusing satu KLCC, we went to KFC and had lunch together. En Lukman shared about this interest in videography world. Memang boleh gang dengan en suami because he also loves everything about photography and videography..

(HD file terlampau besar untuk dishare..layan je la youtube version k)

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