Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wedding Biggest Project : Blessings

Salam all,

Thank you for warm feedback received from my beloved readers. Appreciate much! :)

Okay for this entry, i will continue sharing about bridal offer from best friend of's earlier entry in case you've missed it.

After receiving such offer, its actually during office hours, dan dan tu jugak i texted my partner asking her opinion..shall we proceed or shall we ignore the we cannot think wisely at that point of time..I asked Huda (kakak pengantin) to give us more time to think..haha cam pelik pun ada jugak..usually bride/groom will stress about the package but this time around..we were in stress mode..

Not to forget my husband, definitely i have to ask for his opinion before proceed any further kan? Planning, handling and arranging wedding deco is not a simple task..lots of time to sacrifice..lagi lagi for beginners like us..surveying flowers..deco..budgeting..volunteers..and most importantly..can we succeed? what if the family does not like our idea and outcome..the scariest part ever..can we deliver as expected since the family put their trust to us? oh oh stress..if you ask me..from the bottom of my heart..i really really want to do it..Mak gave her full support to proceed and even volunteered to be part of the team which is takkanlah kan I nak suruh..husband gave his blessing too and..

Yess..we will make a not a trial..we have set the objective and we have to make it a success!

Mak said..whatever happens..please try our best to ensure the family happy as they trusted us much..i still remembered Mak said " anggaplah macam kita buat kenduri kahwin kita sendiri".. for own wedding..obviously we wish for a perfect wedding..oh soo big responsibility..

I informed Huda that we agreed to be part of her sister's wedding day and next budgeting..surveying stage started..I will share in next do I came out with the budget..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wedding Biggest Project : How it started.

Salam all,

I just came back from Labuan spending my annual leaves with beloved encik suami who currently attending his two weeks course in that small island. I am also 'busying' with Adam dan Hawa..haish lagha-lagha asyik ulang semua cerita Aaron Aziz berlakon..saiko!

So today I will start to reveal Happily Ever After first and biggest project here. Why here but not at our Facebook page here or at our official blog here? The reason is..this blog is totally sharing about my own experiences whilst these other two sites are for business and commercial purposes only..

Where should we start ye? Hurm how about the idea of accepting wedding deco offer. Earlier at one fine day, i've received a message by one of my friend which actually kakak pengantin saying that she always visiting this blog which made me impressed a lot..i'm not sure where she got my blog link because i do not prefer to share my link to 'physical' friends unless they asked me to or we're discussing topics related to weddings..lagipun blog ni biasa2 je..would be great to have blogger community or 'rakan maya' which appreciate about weddings as much as i do..but i was wrong as she also one of the community..will tell you later on that..

Kakak Pengantin, Huda offered me to do wedding decorations for her younger sister. Apa? I thought its just normal hand bouquet ke kan..just a simple one..but i was wrong..her family actually agreed to hire me as so called 'bridal or wedding planner' for their big day. Apa? Terkejut sangat sangat..dahlah first timer kan..from making hand bouquet to hall deco..bukan kecik..Dewan Seri Endon Putrajaya kott..jeng jeng jeng..

Pelamin akad..pelamin sanding..centerpieces..walkways..deco meja beradap..hand bouquets and hantarans..all fresh flowers..what happen next?

Till next entry..karang tulis panjang2 takut boring plak kan..

Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome Board Order

Salam all,

Thank you very much Zimie from KBB Shoppe for super great job!

Dahla last minute order (less than two weeks) and yet Zimie still entertained. I gave her design that I love as the template/sample..something to do with bird cage, love birds and cute sayings..within a day..she sent few designs to choose. 

My sister's engagement theme colour were combination of pink, yellow and orange. Zimie successfully mix and the board with her own touch. My sister and I really  love the outcome..

How about the size and price? I memang failed bab-bab ukuran and Zimie advised that A1 and A2 size are common sizes for welcome board..malas fikir then i chose A2 (which smaller than A1). After advance payment..if i'm not mistaken, the next day..i got the parcel safely kept in box which ngam ngam fit the board..takde kelepet2 kat corner. Just to share that the material for my board is like polisterin which was lighter..if you place the board at open space tepi pantai angin tiup bagai..please tape the board to easel..i believe the polesterin price much cheaper than the plywood one too..

For those who wish to own welcome board as part of your deco, i highly recommend KBB Shoppe :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hanging Glass Ball

Salam all,

The next DIY deco for my youngest sister's engagment day is the hanging glass balls.

How to start the deco?

credit to Alibaba Express

1. Gently clean glass balls
2. Tie ribbons to the centre of glass balls.
3. Pour some plain water into glass balls
4. Tie transparent fishing net at the top of glass balls and arrange them accordingly to the dais
5. Put few light fresh flowers such as chrysanthemums to the corners as in pictures

Simple and easy to do right? However, you may need an assistant to hold the balls at all time as they are very fragile..

Anyone to ask where did I buy these balls? Beli kat Alibaba Express from China. Tired of searching and still tak jumpa di area KL, I opted to buy online. Within one week, i got the parcel which safely stored in box full of polisterin to protect fragile goods. Suka sangat..

I have eight glass balls with me now..anyone interested to rent, do mail Happily Ever After at

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Time Ever : Fresh Flower Hantaran Arrangement

Assalamualaikum all,

For today, I would like to share my first time ever doing hantaran arrangement for my youngest sister back in Terengganu.

She just started to work and our family has decided to help her with the preparation..everything DIY and unfortunately I volunteered myself as akak bridal for her engagement day. Actually I appointed myself as the planner for flower arrangements...hahaha itu ciri-ciri anak sulung yang gila kuasa :) instead of pengantin marah planner but it was vice versa..i marah my sister..yela..i cannot accept last minute preparation but thank you Cik (my sister) for being supportive and pekakkan telinga for all my lecture :)

My sister told me that she wanted fresh flowers hantaran with assorted pink, red, sweet and not too over like wedding hantaran..but since buying own fresh flowers with main supplier were rather cheap than florist..ended up i bought flowers more for worries..better more than tak cukup kan? for our house and events anyway..we can put balance flowers everywhere..

For flower arrangement, it is highly recommend for us to start bit late because we're dealing with fresh flowers and please ensure the area to be at lowest temperature it can go..

Here's the best hantaran i love.. Hersyes we bought at Candylicious KLCC plus mini trolly..

Main flowers were assorted pink of gerberas, roses and carnations..roses yet to bloom? not too worry..they bloomed happily the next morning..

Here's more decorations to share

tiny pink ribbon tied to green apple

bunga rampai

white songket

9 trays of hantaran

Oh not to forget, trays and pillows were not mine. Only tapak trays were min..remember this hantaran? yeah it was my wedding hantaran..we recycled them to cut cost..I rented from IdieanaRozaidiHantaranDecorations which i found from Pesona Pengantin. Zana was really helpful and friendly. She even gave me tips to deco and maintain flower freshness. Highly recommended. She also do hantaran deco which i really admire..just mention my name (Intan) and jot down her details below k. Please do visit her blog as well for more pictures.


Till we meet again soon..too many things to share :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Behind the Scene : Pesona Pengantin Photo Shoot

Salam Eid Adha everyone!

Anyone miss me? huhu..i've quite occupied end September and October due to Happily Ever After the first and biggest project ever..yeah..for first timer..preparation should be done much much earlier..let the story holds there because for today, i will share behind the scene activities last October Pesona Pengantin photo shoot..not me but our hand bouquets.

Hopefully this sharing can give better idea on how photoshoot was done especially for first timer like me..agak jakun di situ..maybe your time pulak soon..

Bit of background dulu, actually we received one FB message from Lyn (Pesona Pengantin) asking if we're interested to join photoshoot session for our hand bouquets. Confirm lah nak kan? Free marketing and advertising..After several phone calls, whatsapps and phone calls..on one fine day..we met the team..

Happily Ever After were requested to do 4 types of hand bouquets to suit October theme.

a) Non roses fresh flower hand bouquet
b) Batang-batang fresh flower hand bouquet
c) Fruits fresh flower hand bouquet
d) Vegetables fresh flower hand bouquet

We really really excited and did our own research and rehearsal aka practice especially for c) and d) hand bouquets. Beli bunga-bunga, fruits and vege for rehearsal..nak masuk magazine ni..must deliver the best with good first impression and reputation..families and friends also participated and feel our excitement..huhu..

What can i remember before the event, ironing baju kerja and house works were already settled much earlier because i wanted to give my 200% of partner also did the same..then decorations started passionately night before the big day..

On the day itself, we were requested to bring the hand bouquets and be ready for the shooting..tak perlu bagai baju cantik-cantik because only flowers will be tempek in the's some pictures for sharing..

Pesona Pengantin team were really friendly..Lyn siap bawak tour satu office and introduce me to Karangkraf shoot session started and ended well..about one's some piccas for sharing..

click here if you miss my earlier entry for official pics. thank you all for the supports and doa.. :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fluffy Pillows

Salam all,

Above fluffy pillows are one of the reason for me being silent for fortnight..few may already knew the story behind it but allow me to officially reveal once pictures and writing/typing skills back to normal..hehe..penat woo..

Monday, September 10, 2012

Featuring : Pesona Pengantin October 2012

Salam all,

Some of you might been informed directly or indirectly that Happily Ever After originally created by me and partner are now featuring in Pesona Pengantin October 2012 edition.

Alhamdulillah, am not being riak or masuk bakul angkat sendiri but am grateful because someone outside recognize  and compliment our hard work. Happily Ever After is totally our baby and we really love to share pretty flowers and arrangement with all our beloved followers and customers.

I've never cross in mind that our small just-for-fun business with less than a year had the opportunity to be in most famous magazine in Malaysia : Pesona Pengantin!! :)

These are some snapshots for sharing..2 pages means a lot to us..

front cover 

page 14 : fruit hand bouquet as background

page 131 - Impak Bunga Tangan Tropika

We are really inspired to even work harder and serve customers the best. Who knows one day, I can quit my current full time job and focus on Happily Ever After

Thank you Fadhlin and Karangkraf team and all for the support and such great project coming soon and bolehlah panggil kami lagi if interested..hihi..

Please continuously support Happily Ever After.

For any inquires, please :

mail to

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baju Raya from Bulan Boutique

Salam all,

I hope its not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilftri and Maaf Zahir Batin for any wrongdoings especially to my followers and case anyone feel offended or insulted with my earlier entries..thousand apologize :)

For single ladies turn to wifeys, Selamat Pengantin Baru and congrats to Kina for her newborn baby :)

This year is my second year celebrating Hari Raya with beloved encik suami..i really love my husband for being tolerate and understanding in confirming where to stay on first day of Hari Raya..if last year at my family side..this year my family side..why? because my families are small..not so extended family like his..sorang takde nampak sangat kehilangan ahli..huhu..and since his families start to visit relatives second day actually give more advantage for both sides..

If you read my earlier entry here, I will share my baju raya if I satisfied with Bulan Boutique outcome. Guess what? I absolutely love the outcome..fitting je baju sangat ngam ngam..and Reza managed to imagine what i have in mind..a simple baju raya with pleated kain..

I actually wore that baju raya on second day of Hari Raya which means the day i met my in laws...and yes banyak bertanya and puji that baju..alhamdulillah..

If you ask me about Bulan Boutique, there's a story behind it. To cut short, actually i almost forgot to ask Reza and pick up the baju because i was sooo busy with other thingy until one day next week nak raya baju raya takde lagi..haiyoo..memang dimamah usia betul..when i went to the boutique..Redza said baju was ready first week of fasting month dah but he could not contact me because incorrect contact number I he just wait and wait..huhu..

I went for first fitting on Sunday afternoon..memang cantik 'jatuh' bajunya..however I requested him to alter a bit at hips (huuu...i gained weight during fasting month and to make it more muslimah)..alang-alang he's yet to patch the laces (he wanted to patch lace after first fitting in case any alter to be made)..

I told him that I will balik kampung on Tuesday after work and requested him to finish everything before that (only 2 days for alteration) ..haha what a cruel me..he can only give me the baju on Tuesday during lunch..but am very shocked because he called me on Monday around 9pm to pick up the baju..he was worried if i will be rushing on Tuesday...thank you Reza for your cooperation and understanding..

For those who interested, Bulan Boutique also do wedding dress..they are still new..i would say their price are still affordable and's their details:

Reza Ehsan
012 284 0221
Fashion Director

Lot S-11, Level 2, Axis Atrium
@ Axis Pandan, Jalan Cempaka
Taman Cempaka, 68000 Ampang,

Please inform him that I (Intan) recommend his boutique when you call or meet him..

Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Wedding Ideas

Salam all,

InsyaAllah something awesome will happen this October..i can't share now..karang sekali tak jadi malu je..

Hurmm ok one clue..something to do with hand bouquets from Happily Ever After..i will share with my readers later k..this entry was inspired by this clue anyway..hihi :)

Instead of just eating green fruits like apple, pear and grapes..we can also use them as wedding deco and ideas..

comel kan?

fruit varieties


green and white dais

apple decos

oh actually i saw this new pelapik hantaran idea for sharing..if you visit LoveInsaneWeddingsSharina and wish to have something unique for your hantaran, jom sewa :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jute/Sack : Doorgift and Deco

Salam all,

I really love something rustic, vintage and unique. In Malaysia, believe we are still new with this creative world. We tend to be comfortable with what we have now and less exploring.

Maybe, it is time for us to opt for something different. So far, i cannot find any Malaysian suppliers (share with me if you know)...the fastest you can reach are from Alibaba (you have to buy in large quantity) or Etsy (taking currency conversion into account).

Maybe you can DIY..cari karung guni/sack and cut into few shapes..hurmm but still not soo easy to do kan..takpelah..for the time being, let us enjoy the picture below. credit to Etsy..

They offer white chalk marker for us to write down table number, wishes or anything for table deco and doorgifts.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Door Gift : Mini Sejadah

Salam all,

Happy fasting and hope we have the chance to improve ourselves starting this Ramadhan and get to know Allah and Al-Quran in depth. *banyaknya ilmu ukhrawi tak tau*

In conjunction with Ramadhan, I would like to start our entry for today by sharing mini prayer mat (sejadah) as potential doorgift..can be wedding, aqiqah or anything.

What do we need to DIY?

Mini sejadah and ribbon (depends on our theme colour), A4 paper, paper clips, scissors

How to DIY?

First, fold A4 paper..i would suggest if we use the thick one to ensure paper stays at its position when we roll to sejadah later on.

Second, use paper clips and clip them at the end of sejadah, both sides (you can also use selotape to minimize cost)


Third, fold mini sejadah exactly as A4 paper..senang cerita macam graduation scroll or popia (eh tiba-tiba rasa nak beli kt bazar pulak). Tightly fold please.

Lastly, tie with ribbon. Done! :)
We can also put thank you tag as decoration.

Very simple and easy to do kan? I'm sure all of us can do that. Oh one good thing is, we can get the fadhilat when the person using our praying mat. We give them sejadah and we get back the fadhilat. Alhamdulillah :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Revealing : Free Fresh Flower Winner (1)

Salam all,

At last, here's my first Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet winner.

If you're refer to my earlier post here, judges chose 3 lucky winners and Sazni Farlina is our first lucky bride. One of her intention to join the contest was to have a hand bouquet for her bertandang side..suci kan niat dia..

Here's official pictures from her official photographer for our enjoyment. 

and her dream to have such a memorable picture with her beloved husband - 'throwing' hand bouquet to the sky finally reachable..sama kan with her dream picture here :) i can feel their pure happiness..suka suka :)

Thank you very much dear for trusting Happily Ever After and join my blog contest :) Take care and do keep in touch k..


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