Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flower Candy

pic credit to nikaizu

When i saw this picture, really reminds me about my childhood time..

Twenty years ago, back in Terengganu, my father always brought me and my younger sister to this shop - made by wood, buruk and one very kampung chinese aunty (if not mistaken)..this shop only sold few tidbits with very cheap price..(orang kampung tak ambil untung banyak2..that's what i love the most about kampung)..

We used to call this shop as "kedai bulat-bulat".. my sister and i just called that because we didn't know this candy exact name..just know bentuk bulat-bulat.. :)

From the picture i share, its called flower candy..during my time..there's one more shape..a key (kunci)-shaped..its hard for me to find these candies now..maybe almost extinct and only kedai buruk2 sell them..I don't think kids nowadays ever wish to grab this 'antique' candies..they just know Cadbury..Hersyes..Kinder Bueno..Patchi..yeahh..only branded ones..

Let us bring back these 1000 memories candies..for our candy buffet or doorgifts if possible..who says cheap candies can't be part of our wedding day?

Friday, January 27, 2012

She Liked The Handbouquet

Whether its true or just ayat ambil hati...she liked the hand bouquet..i was very happy for such great opportunity.. really honoured as Sha accepted me to sponsor her solemnization hand bouquet..this is the project i mentioned in earlier entry here.

The idea of sponsoring hand bouquet was really sudden..Sha texted via facebook and asked about my MUA and some wedding preps roughly two weeks prior her big day..from Sha, she visited my blog (terharu lagi..) before her wedding to get some ideas..hopefully you got something from my blog Sha :)

While chatting, Sha mentioned that she was yet to plan for her solemnization hand bouquet..

*a light bulb ON*

I asked her if she can accept if i sponsor her hand bouquet..she agreed...yeay~ after jotting down her solemnization theme, date and time..time for planning!

a) Where to buy cheap flowers? Checked!
b) What flowers to buy and how much? Checked!
c) Hand bouquet design? Checked!
c) How to take care of fresh flowers? (really important as Sha's solemnization in Terengganu and I'm in KL) Checked!

Pink and white carnations..

and Pink roses

and some ribbons, scissors, tape, safety pin..

Just a simple of improvement and lesson learnt hunger me to sponsor more..anyone interested for free handbouquet? hihi..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dresses and Designers

Happy Thursday all..

What a happy week I had..i love weekends and public holidays..siapa la yang tak suke kan :) Hope you were happy too..can't wait for even longer public holidays next week..

Today, am writing this entry to share below beautiful dress (yeah i love pastels) from Atilia Amani and..

tips/sharing from wedding designer..guess who? clue : he's one of top 24 Masterchef Malaysia. What a talented designer and cook.. i didn't know how he disqualified from Masterchef because i missed that episode..tau-tau dah keluar...

He's Zery Zamry - i saw him once n WHI early this month talking about wedding budget and expectation..and while online today..i read his entry..the entry already 3 years old but i think his tips and sharing are still valid and useful for b2be..

His entry was quite lengthy, but the ideas were:
  • Designer and tailor were totally different entities..tailor just make your dress with material design you give while designer is responsible for the whole procees..from designing, finding best material with your budget and make it beautifully done!
  • Don't be too bridezilla - low budget but requesting for diamonds and heavy beadings..ukur baju badan sendiri la beb..nama pun designer kan..first time you enter the boutique..obviously you can estimate starting price from boutique interior design and designer's name himself/herself..huhu..seramss..tapi kalau tak tanya tak tahu kan...who're the lucky one with best offer..
  • The easiest way, allocate budget accordingly and let designers take charge of your dress..
Ok done with the review..karang akak pulak jadi Zeriah read his full entry, click here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Project in Progress

Happy Thursday everyone,

This is just a short entry. Am currently in midst of arranging something. Just a simple air tangan for my beloved friend.

Am going back to Terengganu this week and will share the outcome later ok..hopefully my first air tangan is acceptable and a stepping stone for more and more in future :)

Some pink and tiffany butterflies in my stomach.. :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Debaran Pertemuan Pertama

Salam all,

Benda ni actually personal, i dont really like to share my problem with bloggers..tak nak nampak kecoh2 cerita personal live dan menagih simpati..but i gagahkan diri to seek all your doa..tolong doakan boleh?

This 17 Jan 2012, at Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC), en hubby and i will meet Doc Seri (gynae), insyaAllah. I would like to get confirmation from expert aka gynae about my condition..sangat menakutkan..i don't like hospitals..tak kira la pergi dentist ke..lawat orang sakit ke..even the smell of clinics cam ala2 dettol already scare heart beat definitely running on fastest mode..itu confirm..all these while i prefer to see doctor personally..tak suke bawak peneman..but since dah kahwin, en suami always wants to accompany me..okla fine! :)

I've been married for 1 year, since my friends and officemates suggest to set appointment with pasrah je la..personally i dont think my mother and MIL agreed with my decision sebab diorang cakap awal lagi ni..hurmm..dah la office insurance tak cover unless am pregnant..takpela..i went to panel clinic and ask for referral letter...they asked me to fax the letter to PCMC prior appointment..(reason irregular menses)

Before deciding to set an appointment, i browsed several websites (dr zubaidi, hamid arshat,etc) and blogs to analyze myself and compare.
  • First thing, your irregular menses..hurm i dont have any problem with that..tepat 28 hari cycle nye..period pain pun mild and only penat suke tidur (tapi i memang suke tidur tak period pun)..
  • Secondly, hemoglobin level..i did hemoglobin test last month sebab penat and fortunately was ok..from doctor's consultation, normal female level within 11-16 and mine was 15.5. Platelet, white blood cell and cholestrol level were also very good..
  • Stress level, maybe this is the root cause. But this month, my stress level is manageable..haiya work work and people talking..macamla company bankrupt if i left the company..
Hummm whatever it is..check je la ye..huhu hopefully Dr Seri just check and scan my tummy dulu...bagi supplement ke..hehe manela tau this month sekali check2 dah ada baby..haha terus ING cover..i hate check kat bawah tu..taknak boleh? most scariest part to accept! Haha nak check tu pun takut..padahal tak sedar sakit beranak lagi sakit kot..

Hopefully nothing bad happen to me and en hubby..its just Allah belum nak bagi rezeki..please don't let anything bad happen..taknak en hubby and Mak susah hati please..tolonglah Ya Allah..

Those who reading my entry...can you please helping me to doa? May Allah repay your kindness..amin~

p/s: i pray for you too dear :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hantaran Arrangement

Hi all,

Some may think choosing hantaran and their arrangements are just tiny miny things that we personally make it personally agree with you..hehe sekali seumur hidup stess fikir..some people may think its like a show-off if you display your hantaran to public..lagi lagi kalau hantaran branded..

Sirih junjung is a tradition..

Mas kahwin or dowry is required by tok kadi before starting ensure amount to be mentioned during solemnization is available..

Regardless how much hantaran you give and get from groom, the value of each hantaran and deco..i would suggest b2be to plan your hantaran arrangement..subject to venue..kalau rumah besau bebenau..susunla memanjang platform some more..

or memanjang camni..see the differences? dua-dua mengadap pelamin tapi satu horizontal..satu vertical..

If your house space is limited..cukup-cukup masuk may consider this..Siti Sarah and Shiub solemnization..

hantaran simpan dalam shelves/rak..cantik and save space..pelamin macam dalam kotak rasanya..tapi tetamu kena datang dekat-dekat to view..or this..

A creative and DIY from nakkaweng..susun sebelah pelamin..good job la you dear!

The simplest and easiest way to arrange your hantaran is : letak atas katil je la....

How and where you arrange hantaran, most importantly, their safety..janganlah ada hantaran hilang ye..itu paling tragis :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jom teka : Lisa Surihani and Yusry KRU Tie the Knot

Lisa and Yusri nak kahwin this 23rd Feb! Whole Malaysia already aware about the must be really frust tertonggeng..jangan sedih..let us pray for their happiness..nak dirikan masjid ni..

I'm ok with their announcement..hehe even they dont seek my blessings..haha..
Hopefully Lisa betul-betul pakai tudung after kahwin..kurang sikit dosa si Yusry..comel apa pakai tudung? (refer Ombak Rindu)

From several articles i read about their wedding announcement, most likely this couple is yet to plan for their wedding..tema pun tak tau lagi..but harus sederhana and true is that for celebrities? only both of them and their families know better..hoho can't imagine your wedding in two months in counting but yet to plan anything..hurmm but never mind..mesti sangat stress wedding planner diorang kan?

Since i am definitely not gonna be hired as their wedding planner, untuk suka suka..i tried to imagine their wedding..melantik diri sendiri as their wedding planner la kononnnya..haha siapa siapa rasa nak join teka teka pun bisa aja..jom kite start..

1. Hantaran - fully fresh flowers by either Flora Etc, Ariweddingcouture..satu dulang range dlm myr300 for each deco..pastel colours combination of hydrangeas, orchids and roses..

2. Solemnization theme - solemnization on 23rd Feb to be held at Sultan Mizan Mosque, Putrajaya. I don't think there will be dais for that moment (like Mawi and Ekin)..just simple one like Dato' Dr Sheikh Muzaphar.. Lisa will be in white chiffon penuh batu2 satu badan and Yusry in white baju melayu and samping..handbouquet..hurmm maybe red roses? hurmm about pink combi of gerbera..roses..carnation..

3. Photographer and videographer - confirm ramai offer diri..i just vote for either CST or LHMediaTV for video again..more than one official photographers..if lisa and yusry ask me..obviously i would recommend nikaizu as en suami is in the team..i boleh tumpang sekaki buat2 busy..heee..en suami said maybe KRU production team will be official team dedicated for both events..

4. Reception theme - am not sure whether they combined into one reception but it will be held on 26th at PICC, Putrajaya. Dais will be something different..maybe Flora Etc, Arjuna Cipta or Nas Great Idea will be responsible for that..5 panels dais perhaps..kalau ada panel la kan..from my instinct its gonna be garden weddings with lots and lots of pastel fresh flowers (pink, purple, white)..both newly weds will be in dusty pink or baby grey..designer maybe rizalman or rizman ruzaini..gimik maybe yusry akan nyanyi to lisa lagu 'dekat padamu'..hahaha..ohh miasara will be one of flower girl..jalan depan sekali..

handbouquet maybe macam ni..

dusty pink with swarovski bergemerlapan dari jauh..

pelamin bukan sesimple and nice camni..

but deco must be something like this kot..

There's lot more to cards..bridesmaid..isi borang test..hurmm.. can i leave it to you all..ideas?

My imagination may totally different from actual wedding..just guessing..kalau betul..haha no komen :) maybe lisa terbaca entry ni and curi my idea..but that's totally impossible..kan lisa kan?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Something to Happen in New Year

Welcome 2012 everyone!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all ladies who ended your single lives with your most lovable guys on earth this year or maybe wives turned to mommies..

Please always remember to be grateful as we still breath..inhale and exhale oxygen..thank you Allah for all your blessings and rezeki..yes..we are getting older every single day..hohoo cepat sangat masa berlalu tahun ni..

My blog is still new but my interest about wedding been awhile..if everything goes as per looking forward for some new things to share with all of you..yes..still something to do with weddings, stay beautiful and of course happiness..apekah itu? let us wait until time comes k..karang bising2 kat blog sekali tak jadi..haha buat malu aje..kat mana nak sorok muke mak ni..

Thank you all for supporting my blog and sudi singgah..


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