Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dresses and Designers

Happy Thursday all..

What a happy week I had..i love weekends and public holidays..siapa la yang tak suke kan :) Hope you were happy too..can't wait for even longer public holidays next week..

Today, am writing this entry to share below beautiful dress (yeah i love pastels) from Atilia Amani and..

tips/sharing from wedding designer..guess who? clue : he's one of top 24 Masterchef Malaysia. What a talented designer and cook.. i didn't know how he disqualified from Masterchef because i missed that episode..tau-tau dah keluar...

He's Zery Zamry - i saw him once n WHI early this month talking about wedding budget and expectation..and while online today..i read his entry..the entry already 3 years old but i think his tips and sharing are still valid and useful for b2be..

His entry was quite lengthy, but the ideas were:
  • Designer and tailor were totally different entities..tailor just make your dress with material design you give while designer is responsible for the whole procees..from designing, finding best material with your budget and make it beautifully done!
  • Don't be too bridezilla - low budget but requesting for diamonds and heavy beadings..ukur baju badan sendiri la beb..nama pun designer kan..first time you enter the boutique..obviously you can estimate starting price from boutique interior design and designer's name himself/herself..huhu..seramss..tapi kalau tak tanya tak tahu kan...who're the lucky one with best offer..
  • The easiest way, allocate budget accordingly and let designers take charge of your dress..
Ok done with the review..karang akak pulak jadi Zeriah read his full entry, click here.


  1. tiap kali lalu dpn altelia amani mst terliur tgk baju2 dia.harga pn terjojol.setanding harga la kan dh kata super cantiks.huhuhu

  2. tula lisa..i x pernah pegi kedai die tp tgk dr website pun dh boleh agak mesti mahal gile baju2 die..unik la..u okla boleh jgk cuci2 mate :)



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