Sunday, January 1, 2012

Something to Happen in New Year

Welcome 2012 everyone!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all ladies who ended your single lives with your most lovable guys on earth this year or maybe wives turned to mommies..

Please always remember to be grateful as we still breath..inhale and exhale oxygen..thank you Allah for all your blessings and rezeki..yes..we are getting older every single day..hohoo cepat sangat masa berlalu tahun ni..

My blog is still new but my interest about wedding been awhile..if everything goes as per looking forward for some new things to share with all of you..yes..still something to do with weddings, stay beautiful and of course happiness..apekah itu? let us wait until time comes k..karang bising2 kat blog sekali tak jadi..haha buat malu aje..kat mana nak sorok muke mak ni..

Thank you all for supporting my blog and sudi singgah..


  1. hi dear..salam kenal..salam tahun baru...=)

    nway..folo u dear..folo me back ya..drop my link here..

  2. happy new year and keep in touch dear :)

  3. happy new year semua..sorry lmbt reply..wish you all the best..jangan lupe doakan saya jugak k :)



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