Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Planner : Lisa + Yusry Part 1


Haha tajuk tak boleh blah..first of all, as per promised in earlier entry, i will reveal my wedding planner job yang failed itu.. if you read my earlier entry here, you will understand better.

First thing, why i choose Lisa and Yusry? Hurm..i have no not their fanatic fans..its just for fun..actually i wish and plan to be in wedding industry but i admit its not an easy for fun..let us start with something and i chose this couple.

1. Hantaran - I planned their hantaran in pastel colours and fully fresh flowers. Yes correct for hantaran lisa to yusry with roses and some orchids kot but hantaran yusry to lisa, its just simple bronze ribbon with round pillow, glass boxes and bulu-bulu..


sirih junjung

fondant cake

manisan kan?

info and pictures from here and here

2. Solemnization theme - Initially venue was Sultan Mizan mosque, but at very last minute changed to Marriot hall..huuu stress mak kalau jadi wedding planner diorang..but end up..Nas Great Idea did a very great job..came out with 'winter garden' theme..i would say tempat akad almost like colosseum..while the dais was just a simple one..i love the tall white backdrop..yeah choosing total white plus little bit of grey and light green+yellow gave pure impact..suci gitu..even though couple look bit tenggelam in everything white (sofa, hand bouquet, outfit) yeay..they wore everything white as i planned :) Handbouquet salah..i thought they opt for something different..still white..but nice with bling bling chain..

To be continued..

(officials) source here

Assigned by DZMS to shoot Lisa+Yusry’s wedding.
Wedding Planner : DZMS Events
Location : Marriott Putrajaya
Theme : Winter Garden
Deco n Pelamin : KS Entourage
Lisa’s Dress : Cosry
Yusry’s Baju Melayu : Taufik Taylor
Hantaran : Cosry & ElizaElies Wedding
Official Photographer : Pretty Peektures (assistant Ministry of Moment, Shutterspeak, Bliss Candid)
Official Videographer : Motion Peektures

Monday, February 27, 2012

Lisa Surihani vs Kate Middleton - Reception Dress

Salam all,

Short entry for today..Perasan tak something? I think their dresses were almost the same..

Cream/beige with transparent laces on top..V-neck...

credited to beautifulnara and designer- cosry

i share something about her dress in earlier entry here

Sama tak?

Not suitable for muslimah brides ok..unless you wear inner and alter little bit..

Next, i will reveal my Lisa Surihani's wedding planning 'job' yang tak menjadi tu.. you may refer earlier entry here for some refresher..hahaha.. :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hantaran Idea - Transparent Style

Salam all,

If earlier we were melted by Shereen + Hafeez engagement pictures from here, then later her weddings from lucky she was..having such grand events..

Today am not sharing her wedding dress or dais yang super duper da bomb..but would like to share her wedding hantarans..credited to Qarmasutra for such new style.

Transparent boxes with crystal on top
Flowers decorated; inside the box

ohh with lampu as well..

Let me guess..hantaran deco rm300/dulang? More or less..

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unbelievable InTrend March 2012 Edition

Salam all,

Did you buy InTrend March 2012 edition?

Did you see "65 Blog Nukilan Anak Malaysia Pilihan InTrend"?

Then turn to page 136...did you see something? Ok too big to find something small..

Zoom in lil bit..

Top-Left page..did you see that?

Alhamdulillah...i can't believe my blog in this fabulous magazine..yeah even though just a small section..our picture was there too..really honoured for such opportunity and appreciation..

I didn't know how editors and his team decide, but overall..what can i blog is just simple, followers tak sampai ribu ribu lemon pun..sharing about my ordinary wedding..and all about wedding ideas and my lesson learnt..hah other bloggers also did the same..but am grateful for this 'award'.. even en suami said "mesti InTrend tersalah pilih ni"...huhu..

If InTrend editor read this entry, please off record my confession here..when editor mailed and requested me to answer few questions, i almost deleted your mail..i thought it was just daily spam mail that makes my inbox full..but when i saw the title "65 blog pilihan intrend"..i was like.."hurmm jawab jela kot-kot betul orang InTrend bagi"..but it was real...really real..ingatkan coobaan :)

Early days of blogging, i can't recall all but i was inspired when few famous bloggers been selected by InTrend (if not mistaken 2012 is the third year InTrend organizing)..I also dreamt if one day..InTrend will choose me too but i knew it was impossible..thousands famous bloggers in Malaysia kot..with no hope at all..i keep on blogging and sharing what i have and observe to all readers who willing to read my blog..

Thank you Intrend, thank you followers, readers, bloggers, friends and families for your support. You really make me feel excited and full energy to write more and more :)

For those who are yet to buy InTrend, please do so..there are more articles to read!

P/s: congratulations renee meow, kikin and other 62 bloggers too!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chenta Weddings Spring Sale

Chenta Weddings Spring Sale - hurry up!

This offer is valid from 1st March to 30th April 2012.
I will not elaborate more.
For inquires - drop them mail or give them a call :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rustic Vintage Wedding shot by Bliss Photo Cinema

Salam all,

I was facebooking last Saturday and saw gorgeous wedding pictures shot by Bliss Photo Cinema..from what i read, team origin is Singapore. They shot very the pretty weddings..malay weddings are now evolving..dulu-dulu more to besi besi sangkar, then change to panel and pillars, garden wedding and current are DIY and rustic vintage..

Couple and families are more open and opt for something fresh, simple, exclusive but still meriah..price? don't ask me :)

Let us digest below pics all together..*jaw drops* I believe this ceremony held in Singapore.

soft pink hydrangeas centerpieces

bride holding pink eustomas, sitting on gold chiavari chair

tables and chairs

hooooo...just susun..oh no no..just campak je papan2 for buffet area..
macam tak siap but sooo cantik~

dais - kinda horse stable style

spot bunga pahar?

meja beradab macam picnic ajoo..

more decos

i heart the dress material..

Share with me if you know the bridal k..haha macamla nak kahwin lagi sekali kan..Any Malaysian b2be dare to take the challenge? Malaysia also can what...heheee :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Make your Wedding More Lively?

Salam all,

I guess most of us know the answer. How to make your wedding more lively?

On top of gorgeous dress, dais and families around during your wedding, there is tiny miny thing that helps making your weddimore lively. I admitted, bride is the busiest lady in the whole world - thinking about her perfect wedding. If you have more time and budget before your big day, i would suggest you to allocate your time for some DIY decos or ask your wedding planner/sisters to do for you. Why?

From my observation, wedding photographers are no longer 100% focus on bride and groom..ok 90% of the pictures are couples and families..but they are also capturing small things around you such as..

guest booth - stationery item

games and camera
siapa main game Snap zaman muda mudi dulu?

your house candies

canopy decos

See the impact of 10% pictures to your weddings? Hope my sharing is useful :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wedding Everywhere : Carrot Milk Wedding at Kampung Pengantin

Salam all,

For today, i would to share about a wedding that en suami and i attended last two weeks. First time ever, i went to Kampung Pengantin. Now i know that Kampung Pengantin is actually 4-5 blocks of shop lots which combined all together and renovated into a new wedding hall. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's located at Jalan Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur. Click here for full map.

The wedding was a simple fresh flowers wedding in carrot milk theme..terus terbayang air carrot susu..I'm not a fan of orange..but would recommend bride to choose this carrot milk theme..

the best pic i found but the wedding colour is actually bit soft..tambah susu sikit lagi

The wedding started at 830pm but we reached there hour earlier. Ambil wuduk siap2 kat rumah and performed Maghrib prayer at their prayer room next to the hall. As usual, prayer room will always be small but clean.

walkway to the hall..cantik kan?

the pelamin was simple and just nice

the orchids arch - middle of the hall

i really heart the cake, really salute the bride and families for choosing this new fresh theme..

this picture was taken where bride and groom stood still and all guests reciting selawat - about 5 minutes

From my calculation, the hall can cater approximately +/-50 tables (500 guests at one time). VIPs were on seating arrangements while the balance guests were on buffet. Kambing golek some more :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest is officially closed!

Salam all,

Today is 15 February, which means Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest is officially closed for submissions.

Thank you very very much gorgeous brides to be for taking your time and joined the contest. Here's the list of contestants :


Do let me know if i forgot to include you in..

Now, its time for judges to blogwalking and evaluate your most creative entry. Stay tune for official results :) We will contact you personally and announce the winners in next next entry soon.

Thank you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wedding Review : Renee Meow @ Pusat Komuniti Damansara

At last, en suami and i managed to reach Pusat Komuniti Damansara after been lost for forty five minutes..first time ever i had chance to attend a blogger bride's wedding..Renee Meow..super excited :)

Jom layan pics.
her 3-tier cakes and dais

3-panel dais and guests

renee n hubby yang sepadan


guest wishes corner

our wishes

tq kakak renee for taking this pic.. :)

Renee was so Dato Siti..comel~ even this was our first time met and she was like blurr at first time met me..yela i terjah je dia tengah makan beradap..i feel honoured she remembered me.. "ohh ni ke intan from blog choclairissa?" huhu...

Sorry other bloggers for not be able to meet you..few guests there were quite familiar but am too shy to meet you girls..takut salah orang..hoho..we left after 30minutes..yeah short visit..had to go home tak solat Zohor lagi..

Congrats dear and hope to see you again with lotsa lotsa good news..

P/s: Final call for Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest. Deadline is tomorrow @ 14 Feb 2012.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pengadilan dan Pertanyaan : Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest

Salam semua,

Kepada semua yang mengunjungi blog saya yang biasa ini dan menyertai pertandingan yang dianjurkan, jutaan terima kasih diucapkan. Pertandingan apa itu?

Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest.

Pertandingan masih lagi diteruskan sehingga 14 Februari 2012.

Kepada yang menginginkan bunga segar PERCUMA sebagai bunga tangan di hari bahagia anda, masih belum terlambat lagi untuk menyertainya. Hanya beberapa cara mudah yang boleh dijumpai di sini.

Maafkan kami kerana pertandingan ini terbuka kepada bakal pengantin 2012 di kawasan Lembah Klang (kawasan Selangor juga diterima) dan Terengganu sahaja. Bukan tidak mahu bakal pengantin dari negeri-negeri lain sertai, tetapi niat untuk memastikan kualiti bunga segar masih terjamin di hari bahagia anda. Akan tetapi, jikalau bakal pengantin sudi untuk mengambil bunga tangan di kawasan KLCC sebelum pulang ke kampung untuk perkahwinan, anda dibenarkan untuk sertai.

Mari kita bercerita tentang sistem pengadilan pula. Untuk mengelakkan berat sebelah, pengadilan adalah 60% dari juri jemputan, 40% adalah dari saya. Juri jemputan adalah beberapa panel yang terlibat secara langsung atau tidak langsung dengan dunia perkahwinan. Tiba-tiba rasa seperti juri 'Next Top Model' pula. Setiap panel yang dipilih akan meneliti setiap blog entri atau facebook secara berasingan. Cara pengadilan mudah sahaja, siapa paling kreatif dalam meraih perhatian juri-juri untuk memilih anda sebagai pemenang bertuah :)

Jangan risau semua, insyaAllah pertandingan ini baru permulaan. Jangan rasa tertekan atau rendah diri. Saya hargai semua sokongan dan penyertaan anda. Anggaplah pertandingan ini suka-suka dan untuk merapatkan hubungan kita. Menang atau kalah adalah adat pertandingan :)

Saya ada di sini untuk membantu anda jika ada pertambahan soalan untuk pertandingan ini :)

P/S: fuhh sangat tabik pada lynda yang mampu tulis setiap entri dalam bahasa melayu penuh..huhu ni la akibat belajar dan bekerja dalam suasana bahasa inggeris...nak tulis karangan bahasa melayu penuh pun mengambil masa yang lama..huhu..


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