Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Appointment with Dr Seri Suniza


Thank you all for the prayers and wishes i received in earlier entry here. Few readers even added me in facebook, privately mailed and called me for the wishes and prayers..*hugs* *hugs*..

So for today, i would like to share outcomes of our appointment with Dr Seri Suniza. I may not be able to share publicly all the outcome, those who wish to know more, I am more than happy to share based on my experience. Mail me k..

My appointment was at 1230 noon at Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC). First time reached there for own checkup. Yes quite nervous but redha je 1231 noon, nurse called us to the room..Dr Seri was very nice..can't stop talking..dahla tengah nervous2 ni..lagila i senyap tak cakap apa2..listened to her but not so focus as i wanted to pee..huhu..Dr Seri asked few questions and scanned by tummy..alhamdulillah..from the scan, Dr Seri confirmed that my fertility system was fine..matured ovum already went out during ovulation based on fluid uterus was in her normal position..neither cyst nor any particles detected..overall..Dr Seri satisfied with my system..its just my time yet to come..our session ended around 1 pm..sekejap je rasanya..

Based on my appointment, let me share few procedures and tips to meet gynae..i think overall procedures are more or less about the same..correct and share with me if you have better tips and short cut procedures yeah..
  1. Please call the hospital/specialist to set an appointment - jangan terjah may save your waiting time there..mine..i called PCMC in Dec and appointment was set in month waiting..ask them any requirement and document need to be prepared prior appointment..
  2. Bring your spouse - From Dr Seri, its good to bring your spouse together..he can learn and understand better..yes en husband wajib pergi :)
  3. Documents required - Visit your panel doctor and request for referral letter..mine..i went to ING panel clinic and informed doctor about my intention. Even my period was regular, doctor said she will declare irregular menses for further specialist attention. hurm boleh eh buat camtu? I kept the original letter and en husband scanned to PCMC prior appointment. We forgot to scan to ING for their reference..luckily i brought original letter during appointment and en suami went to ING counter at PCMC and passed them a copy for reference. Tips : get a referral letter from panel, scan copies to hospital and insurance company, bring original letter on appointment day.
  4. Be early - better wait for doctor rather than missing the appointment. I took half day leave to be prepared if any unfavourable result obtained
  5. Drink lots of plain water before appointment - from my sister, it is recommended for patient to drink lots of plain water..maybe hours the time you meet doctor, your bladder (pundi kencing) already full with water and easier for doctor to see your whole fertility system..mine..i really want to pee before scan..Dr Seri said its good to scan when your bladder is expanded..entah..while scanning i saw my big bladder..buncit..hehehe :)
  6. Treatments - for first timer like us, doctor asked few questions such as your menses history and scan your system..takde seluk2 bawah and hormones given..some consultation and recommended us to continue taking folic acid for me and clomide (consume on day 2-6 on regular menses) to increase ovaries in producing more healthy eggs..side effect is chance to get twins..hurm..
  7. Payment - my insurance does not cover for this treatment unless I get pregnant. We did not pay anything for consultation..just pay for supplements..but its optional..

Hope my sharing is useful for all..Dr Seri said my time is yet to come..just wait for the not think too much about families expectation, people around who get pregnant before you..stay positive and tawakkal..kawan-kawan pun ada cakap..bila dah ada baby nanti take your time.. :) what a relieved to know everything just went well...


  1. semoga ada rezeki u. insyaallah :)

  2. intan, semoga dimurahkan rezeki oleh Nya.. berusaha dan bertawakal =)

  3. kak, semoga dimurahkan rezeki :)

  4. yes, just enjoy with what Allah had planned for fren also told the same, dh ada ank nti, takde masa dh nk manja2..lets pray together2 (",)

  5. Dear,insyaAllah rezeki tu ade,tp blum ms nye..mgkin Allah nk bg u rezeki len dlu....i doakn u sis

  6. salam...
    "Allah beri apa yang kita perlukan bukan apa yang kita mahukan"
    masanya pasti akan tiba 1 hari nanti babe.
    keep positive!

  7. i suka pulak apa si anon kat atas ni quote.hehe..

    your time will come.soon :)
    betul la kata kwn2 u tu,enjoy d moment,nt dh ade anak letih blablablabla.masa pregnant pn dh letih.gagagaga.

    lisa tak pandai bg advise.sbb dia pn sama je emosi tunggang langgang :P

    i pray all the best for u!semoga u cpt2 pregnant lepas ni :)

  8. saya pun dah buat. tapi saya scan hujung tahun lepas. as annual screening. lgpun, yg scan tu doktor kite sendiri. i mean doktor tempat saya kerja la. he..

  9. your time will come soon. ada sebab why Allah tak bagi lagi rezeki tu pada you at the moment. keep positive.

    ada lg org kt luar sana dh kahwin for 6-7 years pun belum dpt rezeki. meanwhile be positive and enjoy the moment you have. we wont know what is coming next. good or bad is beyond our control.

    Allah Maha Mengetahui

  10. rasa nak nangis baca.maybe sebab kita terlalu emo dan keep on comparing ours with others. yup, btul.bila u cakap camni, I pun lega dengar n nak jadi positive gak :)

  11. intan, thanks for sharing. ada plan nak jumpa jugak, tapi tunggu 2 / 3 bulan lagi. tapi mmg dah ada cari2 sket doc mana yg nak dijumpa nie :)

    *mmg org ckp, nanti dh ada anak takde masa nak rehat. tp tahu kah mereka, dah puas dah berehat ni, so nak anak pulak :)

  12. salam,

    Just to share my experience..
    i pon mcm intan jgk dulu..bile dah 6 bulan tu dah start ajak hubby jumpe my tips : better jumpe fertility speacialist other than o&g specialist..sbb derang hari2 deal with case mcm ni..lg experienced..pastu better check 2-2..suh husband do a sperm test..baru tau kalau2 prob dr his side..kl 2-2 ok..barulah tawakal @usaha..recommended doc : dr adilah ahmat kat purawi / any doctor @ fertility specialist kat tropicana medical center , damansara..smg dimurahkan rezeki

  13. dr seri is my gynae kan!alaaa relaxxxx laaaa.hehhee
    nway dh try urut traditional?

  14. Oh Kak Intan, sabar yer. Mungkin dia bagi masa honeymoon lebih sikit. InsyaAllah ada rezeki nanti :)

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