Friday, February 3, 2012

Fraud by Soultan Photography

cube teka siapa ni?

Hehe that's en husband :) Ini adalah entri kes penipuan but not related to en suami. I think the news about this photographer spread since September 2011 or before that but am not today i would like to reshare the same story en husband told me and read from this blog.

En suami's good friend has been cheated by a photographer..his wedding was end of last year..the payment almost 100% completed - few thousands but no outcome...his good friend said, this photographer came to their wedding and took pictures..that was good but then he went album and soft copy pictures..bengangnye!

Its Soultan Photography - what a unique and creative name but humpphh..macam mana la nak cari keberkatan rezeki ni..the reason i reshare this entry hopefully to assist b2be out there to be more careful when choosing your official photographer.

Below are pictures and his details:

the guy in red box : Mohd Fauzi b Mohd Yusof
founder or member of Soultan Photography and Love Dot Picture

Please be extra careful ya..your wedding is only once in a life time.. i would suggest b2be to hire a well known photographer from testimonial and recommendation..its fine if you want to save budget but please ensure you have contract with your photographer..and please thoroughly read every single clause in the contract..


  1. ramai sangat sekrang org kena tipu dgn orang berkaitan tntg perkahwinan ni..hmmm...kesian B2B sbb kmpul duti khwin kena tipu...

    so,lepas ni berhati-hati lah yer semua...

  2. betul! setuju, kene ada contract betul2! klu tak, mmg kene tanggung risiko. nak kawin lagi sekali, sgt lah impossible kan.

  3. dasyat betul sekarang duk main tipu tipu camtu.dah la kawen sekali jer.tak leh nak ulang balik semua tu.kalau dapat orang cmtu.hancur luluh la gamaknyeee^^

  4. macam2 la orang sekarang ni kan.. semua x ikhlas.. mmg lebih selamat amik photog yg well known.. tp biasala.. yg well known ni, kekadang harga yg x tertampung dek poket pengantin ... *sigh*

  5. ada jugak org post dekat fb..bgs la..semua pon akan aware`

  6. again..photog buat hal...memang kene boikot tul dorang ni..

    btw salam sis...miza b2b 2012 dtg melawta...menacri ilham for wed prep...if ade yang boleh membantu..boleh singgah di blog miza..=)folo u sis..



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