Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest

Salam all,

Are you looking for a wedding or engagement hand bouquet? fresh flowers? for your own day or gift to a good friend?

As a token of appreciation to my lovely blog readers and those who supported me, i would like to announce something new in the house..for the first time..drum rolls..dum dum dum (macam ni ke bunyi dram?hehe..)

Its Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest! :)

What to do? Just simple one..
  1. Follow my blog
  2. Share your big event's date and venue.
  3. Write most creative entry in your blog and/or your Facebook in Malay or English - why we have to choose you as the winner?
  4. Share contest banner in your blog entry or Facebook.
  5. Drop your link at below comments column form or mail to for our evaluation.
Terms and conditions:
  1. Malaysia future brides in 2012 (earlier the better)
  2. Applicable to future brides within Klang Valley and Terengganu (subject on availability to maintain fresh flowers qualities)
  3. Latest submission : 14 February 2012.
  4. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. By entering this contest, you are deemed to have read and agreed with these terms. may be the lucky one! hurmm adeke yang berminat?


  1. alaaa berminat sgt2 nk join! tp sy di Kedah :)

  2. pika pikah : alaa bukan x nk bg hadiah tp sbb takut bunga layu la by the time smp kedah..sorry eh dear.. :)

    mrs irmidrza : jom2 masuk..insyaAllah mane tau ade rezeki u kan..ade 1 week plus lagi utk ramai lg join..cepat2 :)

  3. sara kat kuantan boleh ke nk join ? hehehehe ! tp tatau lg wedding bila.weee :D

  4. hai..i da buat..feel free to review..hehe..


  5. saya berminat nak join! =)

    silalah ke blog wanie:


  6. miza dah join...jom tengok!!

  7. berminat date nikah pon xtau lg...camne nk join...hehehe

  8. sy da join k.intan...meh baca entry yg xsbrapa ni..

  9. Sara : kuantan kt mane tu sara? Mane tau ade rezeki :-)

    Voilet pin, just me n mrs irmidza : tq korg..confirm saye akan masuk blog n review k...all the best :-)

    Ni@in : hehe cmne ni dear.maybe tunggu date dh confirm dulula ye..mane tau ade next contest..saye tg bermurah hati ni :-)

  10. finally!! phew!! da join kak intan
    ayat2 manja sume kat sini
    jgn lupe cek it out ye!! love ya

  11. salam mrs choiclairissa aka kak intan, rina nak join eh

    tq :)

  12. rina tulis di sini la tarikhnye ye. segan nak kecoh dalam blog..

    26 may 2012 insyaallah.
    di Pantai dalam, Kuala Lumpur (dekat dengan Mid Valley Megamall)

    tq :)

  13. miza tulis dalam ni ya sis intan..

    2/12/12 i.allah di putrajaya..

    kalu takder ape masalah..=)

  14. kak intan, wanie update sini ya:

    majlis: 10 mac 2012
    lokasi di shah alam


  15. haiii kakak.... cik bunga dtg menyinggah sini tgk2 terma& syarat ;) heheheh... cam jauh je ngan tempat kite ~.~

  16. contest utk area bangi blh tak?? ;)

  17. ila : tq ila..takpe entry gedik2 pun tak kesah :)

    nora: hehe tq nora for the support

    rina : tq rina..nnt judges review blog awak k :)

    mrs irmidrza & wanie: ok akak take note :)

    cintabunga : huuu jauh tu kt mane ye..sorry kalau contest ni limited sbb fresh flower kan..

    sfarlina : akak dh reply kt fb awak..area negeri selangor boleh masuk dear :)

  18. salam sis intan~
    sy nk cube naseb..

    Insyaallah kalu xde aral weddingnye 31/8/12 , di Dengkil... hehe

    nanti Sis intan jguk eh...tq sis~ :)

  19. Judges!! ;)

    Here's my link.

  20. AsSalam sis intan

    check this out..

    mine will be on 2nd june..i hope u still can consider..huhu
    btw im staying in PJ.

    thanx for organizing this contest!



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