Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Make your Wedding More Lively?

Salam all,

I guess most of us know the answer. How to make your wedding more lively?

On top of gorgeous dress, dais and families around during your wedding, there is tiny miny thing that helps making your weddimore lively. I admitted, bride is the busiest lady in the whole world - thinking about her perfect wedding. If you have more time and budget before your big day, i would suggest you to allocate your time for some DIY decos or ask your wedding planner/sisters to do for you. Why?

From my observation, wedding photographers are no longer 100% focus on bride and groom..ok 90% of the pictures are couples and families..but they are also capturing small things around you such as..

guest booth - stationery item

games and camera
siapa main game Snap zaman muda mudi dulu?

your house candies

canopy decos

See the impact of 10% pictures to your weddings? Hope my sharing is useful :)


  1. sorry sis tak dapat nak join contest. been busy for the previous weeks.

    kite suka gila main snap dolu-dolu! kalau geram tak dapat, pergi slap tangan kawan tu kuat-kuat. hehe. dengki kemain.

  2. colorful!!! suka sangat gambar last tu...hihi

  3. wanie pun suka gambar last! sama la kita jem (anis apis) =)

  4. setuju sangat !! nora dah mula dapat gambar dari main photographer dan macam tak caya benda2 semua tu di snap ehhehe :)

  5. yup betul tu u. kdg2 the smallest things pun masa wedding kita nampak menarik bila OP dpt capture kan



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