Monday, February 20, 2012

Rustic Vintage Wedding shot by Bliss Photo Cinema

Salam all,

I was facebooking last Saturday and saw gorgeous wedding pictures shot by Bliss Photo Cinema..from what i read, team origin is Singapore. They shot very the pretty weddings..malay weddings are now evolving..dulu-dulu more to besi besi sangkar, then change to panel and pillars, garden wedding and current are DIY and rustic vintage..

Couple and families are more open and opt for something fresh, simple, exclusive but still meriah..price? don't ask me :)

Let us digest below pics all together..*jaw drops* I believe this ceremony held in Singapore.

soft pink hydrangeas centerpieces

bride holding pink eustomas, sitting on gold chiavari chair

tables and chairs

hooooo...just susun..oh no no..just campak je papan2 for buffet area..
macam tak siap but sooo cantik~

dais - kinda horse stable style

spot bunga pahar?

meja beradab macam picnic ajoo..

more decos

i heart the dress material..

Share with me if you know the bridal k..haha macamla nak kahwin lagi sekali kan..Any Malaysian b2be dare to take the challenge? Malaysia also can what...heheee :)


  1. cantik dan unik....
    suke bunga telur tue...

  2. owh my goodness....the wedding sgt cantik...the lace on the last die for...!!!

  3. everything nice!! rustic sgt!! buat katne ek wedding ni?

  4. gosh unik gile wedding tu. jimat jugak buat wedding mcm tu.heheh.
    i suka gila baju yg last tu. lace dia.ohhhh cntik!

  5. unik but nice sgt... mmg terbaek la... suka!

  6. ni masuk wish list saye dah ni kak long na. ahaks

  7. pernah gak risik2..jmpe gambar dalam 'Alchemy'..dalam tu ade detail gambar wedding ni.

  8. Suka sangat dress yang last sekali tu. Exquisite!

  9. not sure about the vendor
    I rase the couple DIY sendiri kot

    dress tu Alia Bastamam's

  10. jatuh cinta pndag pertama dgn dress itu...cantiknye.....



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