Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unbelievable InTrend March 2012 Edition

Salam all,

Did you buy InTrend March 2012 edition?

Did you see "65 Blog Nukilan Anak Malaysia Pilihan InTrend"?

Then turn to page 136...did you see something? Ok too big to find something small..

Zoom in lil bit..

Top-Left page..did you see that?

Alhamdulillah...i can't believe my blog in this fabulous magazine..yeah even though just a small section..our picture was there too..really honoured for such opportunity and appreciation..

I didn't know how editors and his team decide, but overall..what can i blog is just simple, followers tak sampai ribu ribu lemon pun..sharing about my ordinary wedding..and all about wedding ideas and my lesson learnt..hah other bloggers also did the same..but am grateful for this 'award'.. even en suami said "mesti InTrend tersalah pilih ni"...huhu..

If InTrend editor read this entry, please off record my confession here..when editor mailed and requested me to answer few questions, i almost deleted your mail..i thought it was just daily spam mail that makes my inbox full..but when i saw the title "65 blog pilihan intrend"..i was like.."hurmm jawab jela kot-kot betul orang InTrend bagi"..but it was real...really real..ingatkan coobaan :)

Early days of blogging, i can't recall all but i was inspired when few famous bloggers been selected by InTrend (if not mistaken 2012 is the third year InTrend organizing)..I also dreamt if one day..InTrend will choose me too but i knew it was impossible..thousands famous bloggers in Malaysia kot..with no hope at all..i keep on blogging and sharing what i have and observe to all readers who willing to read my blog..

Thank you Intrend, thank you followers, readers, bloggers, friends and families for your support. You really make me feel excited and full energy to write more and more :)

For those who are yet to buy InTrend, please do so..there are more articles to read!

P/s: congratulations renee meow, kikin and other 62 bloggers too!


  1. wah congrats dear. i rasa u memang layak sebab info yang bagi pun berguna untuk b2b kan. sukalah tu heee :D

  2. Congratz dear!!keep up the good work k!..!=)

  3. u deserves it! :) congrats hehe. keep it up babe.

  4. Congrats :) Blog i tak ada eh? **Muntah darah**

  5. congrats..lepas nie femes la..hihi

  6. Tahniah intan..huhu bestnnye dpt masuk a newbie..ade chance tak nk masuk intrend for 2013..hahaha...dream on je la

  7. wow!!! tahniah2... kita yang teruja.. ^_^

  8. congrats kak intan!! I was inspired by you and few famous ex-b2b to write a blog...hihi..

  9. puan intannnnnn heee..thanks and congrats to u too :) wink wink :)

  10. wah congrats kak intan! :D ni buat nana teringin nk masuk intrend jgk ni. haha! :D

  11. thank you semua for the wishes..korg semua la yg support saya smp termasuk intrend :)

  12. tahniah intan mmg best...teruskn berblogging ok dear..

  13. congratz intan..!! thanks for sharing..kite same2 featured *highfive!* :D

  14. I just saw it today :) jarang tgk magazine and kenal the people featured, tapi tiba2 ternampak a very familiar face.



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