Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wedding Everywhere : Carrot Milk Wedding at Kampung Pengantin

Salam all,

For today, i would to share about a wedding that en suami and i attended last two weeks. First time ever, i went to Kampung Pengantin. Now i know that Kampung Pengantin is actually 4-5 blocks of shop lots which combined all together and renovated into a new wedding hall. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's located at Jalan Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur. Click here for full map.

The wedding was a simple fresh flowers wedding in carrot milk theme..terus terbayang air carrot susu..I'm not a fan of orange..but would recommend bride to choose this carrot milk theme..

the best pic i found but the wedding colour is actually bit soft..tambah susu sikit lagi

The wedding started at 830pm but we reached there hour earlier. Ambil wuduk siap2 kat rumah and performed Maghrib prayer at their prayer room next to the hall. As usual, prayer room will always be small but clean.

walkway to the hall..cantik kan?

the pelamin was simple and just nice

the orchids arch - middle of the hall

i really heart the cake, really salute the bride and families for choosing this new fresh theme..

this picture was taken where bride and groom stood still and all guests reciting selawat - about 5 minutes

From my calculation, the hall can cater approximately +/-50 tables (500 guests at one time). VIPs were on seating arrangements while the balance guests were on buffet. Kambing golek some more :)


  1. lembut je theme color tu kan. tp kalau lampu dalam hall tu tak ok mesti kaler dia jd dull. sbb i pnh gi satu wedding ni buat dalam dewan tp kaler lampu dia mcm pelik. so kaler dia jd dull. tangkap gambar pun jd tak lawa.

  2. pernah pegi je kampung perantin ni..nak bermajlis kat sana..banyak kali kene pikir jugek

  3. berkenan dgn kek jugak! nampak cantik dan sedap..yum yum:)

  4. oh myy terasa nak minum air carrot sekarang ;)

    kampung pengantin memang cantik. tempat die agak tersorok sikit kan? almost sesat dulu mase i nak pegi.

    bride #1

  5. alahai... tetiba teringin nak minum air carrot susu...
    sweet jugak warna tu kan...

  6. canteknya! sgt lembut n sweet... nk jgk nk bt ala2 lembut cmnie tp si abah nk lain lak so terpksa akur huhuhu...

  7. Intan..las time i pegi kg pngntn yg dkt blkg shell opposite sbrg jln kg pgntn skang.. U pegi yg kt ats kdai mkn tu kn? Tmpt yg baru i x pnh masuk lagi.thanks fr sharing the photos,sbb i mmg tingin gle nk tgk dalam die.hehe



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