Monday, February 13, 2012

Wedding Review : Renee Meow @ Pusat Komuniti Damansara

At last, en suami and i managed to reach Pusat Komuniti Damansara after been lost for forty five minutes..first time ever i had chance to attend a blogger bride's wedding..Renee Meow..super excited :)

Jom layan pics.
her 3-tier cakes and dais

3-panel dais and guests

renee n hubby yang sepadan


guest wishes corner

our wishes

tq kakak renee for taking this pic.. :)

Renee was so Dato Siti..comel~ even this was our first time met and she was like blurr at first time met me..yela i terjah je dia tengah makan beradap..i feel honoured she remembered me.. "ohh ni ke intan from blog choclairissa?" huhu...

Sorry other bloggers for not be able to meet you..few guests there were quite familiar but am too shy to meet you girls..takut salah orang..hoho..we left after 30minutes..yeah short visit..had to go home tak solat Zohor lagi..

Congrats dear and hope to see you again with lotsa lotsa good news..

P/s: Final call for Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest. Deadline is tomorrow @ 14 Feb 2012.


  1. lawanya pelamin. renee pun comel je kan. bestnya i tak penah lg berkesempatan pg wedding blogger huhu. ada je halnya

  2. sedih aaaa xdpt pegiiiii. terkilan la jugak sbb dia dtg wedding i kt seremban,huhuhu.kalau tak dpt jumpa u skali :(
    lawanye pelamin n baju dia.

  3. Memang x syak lagi, i sat on the same table hihi... Betul sgt Dato' Siti kan...
    Oopsss I x hantar entry lagi for contest...need to do it fast!! hihi

  4. cantiknya Pn. Renee! pelamin pun sangat cantik, suka sangat tengok. nice beautiful wedding!!

  5. @hunny : hehe tau xpe kan :)
    @cha : ohh yeke..i thought i sorg je x pernah pegi..xpe next time maybe boleh join :)
    @shura : paling suke mata renee jd besar..suke :)
    @lisa : xpela lisa..hubby u lg memerlukan u..mane tau next time boleh jumpe :)
    @anis: haaa kan? nmpk dr posisi pic kt blog u rase cm pernah ku jumpe aje..haaa masuk2 jgn x masuk :)
    @nana : hehe pengantin of kos gojesss :)
    @hazz nieza : simple je wedding renee n renee nmpk sgt tenang je time wedding :)

  6. beshnya intan dapat pergi !!! cute je tahniah renee

  7. isk sedey, ieda jauh tak dapat gi...

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