Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Opening Promotion by Happily Ever After

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Salam all,

Are you looking for hand bouquet and decos for your big day, set or ala carte? plus 100% fresh flowers with reasonable price?

Alhamdulillah, we are officially announce our Happily Ever After...avenue where your dreams begin..

As a starter, wish to share with all readers and potential customers our Opening Promotion by Happily Ever After. If you wish to know more, feel free to :

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refer my previous blog entries here, here, here and here.

Anyhow, this blog is still my personal blog sharing about weddings, experiences and sharing. Perhaps soon we will create separate blog entirely about Happily Ever After.

Thank you all for the supports and doa'. We really appreciate that.

Till we meet again soon :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Red Roses + Golden Touch Hand Bouquet

Salam all,

Fresh red roses and a golden touch hand bouquet. Actually the idea of making this bouquet came when i went back to my home town last weekend.

A small ceremony held at my family's house. So alang-alang tu..i bought a bundle of red roses as deco for centerpiece (meja kat living hall). After guests went home, i thought of making small hand bouquet with available roses. Went to Mesra Mall and bought gold ribbon, curik mak's brooch and pin..

Just a simple one..okla tu kan? :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bride Syndrome : Not So Happy Ending Night and Dream

Salam all,

How's your weekend? Hope everything went well..

For today, i would like share something common that we experience. Dream! Its not about wedding dream..what we wish for..but a routine activity we must do..when we sleep..sometimes we dream..

From what i read here, dream can include any of the images, thoughts and emotions that are experienced during sleep. Dreams can be extraordinarily vivid or very vague; filled with joyful emotions or frightening imagery, focused and understandable or unclear and confusing.

Being me, back to year ago, i cannot avoid from having bride syndrome. I believe most of bride to be also having the same syndrome too.

I am a person who can easily sleep and dream, even just 5 minutes nap but I hardly sleep especially 3 months before the day. My bad habit was, i used to recap my wedding preparations while closing my eyes before went to sleep. Please bride to be, i would suggest you not to follow my habit. Trust me, you will end up golek-golek atas katil and start to stress..banyaknya belum settle!! Even there's few nights where lampu semua dah tutup and it was after midnight, i could not stop thinking about my wedding and ended up switched on the light and catit to do list and design my wedding dais..apakah?

My syndrome did not stop there..While sleeping, i dreamt's few i can recall:
  • I dreamt en suami (time tu en tunang) married other lady which i didn't know who. He looked very happy with his wedding even though kantoi, he still wanted to continue marrying me. Motif mimpi itu?
  • I chose tiffany blue as my reception dress but during the day in my dream, it was other blue - dark blue..
  • Termimpi tiba-tiba kena kahwin, i woke up in my dream and it was my solemnization day..kelam kelibut tak siap apa-apa pun..
It was really tiring to have such dreams, see the impact of bridezilla syndrome? dahla siang hari stress..weekends were fully occupied with preparation, at night even having such stressful dreams.

Moral of the story, recite doa and other prayers before you sleep..zikir ke..dont think to much about your wedding preparation like me..night is the time for you to sleep and rest..100% rest..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hand Made Fresh Flowers Centerpieces

Salam all,

I've started my entry for this week on Wednesday..yeah middle of the week..
If earlier I shared hand bouquet for Maya's engagement here, so for today i would like to continue..revealing my second mini project, hand made fresh flowers centerpieces..

Tajuk agak confuse di situ..adeke fresh flower centerpieces yang tak hand made? haha saje je..

As usual, every project must start with plan and research..Maya and I did some research on theme she wanted, colour combination and flowers. Customer is always right and I believed Maya had her own preferences too, that's why we worked together.

Few may say, deco centerpieces are just simple to do but its actually more that that..requires space (room temperature yang agak sejuk) to ensure flowers freshness...plan how many flowers needed for every single pot..karang ada terkurang ada terlebih..After gathering all the info and material, I took charge..started to deco..

Here's some pots i managed to deco. We bought small green plastic flower pot, grey bling bling ribbon, use dusty pink crepe ribbon same as hand bouquet...taped with double selotape and selotape..

After that, i cut sponges (special sponge for fresh flower) and soaked in pail of water for half an hour..then letak sponge in the pot..then deco time!

Every pot, i chose roses, chrysanthemums (kekwa), eustomas and carnations. I divided these flowers accordingly and started to deco Saturday late evening (majlis ahad noon) whereby my flowers were 70% bloomed.

From my observation, fresh flowers will bloom faster after you cut their batang short..remove their twigs, small branches and leaves. That's why you cannot deco too early..maybe flowers absorb too much water and make them bloom faster..

While preparing centerpieces, i keep on spraying the flowers to ensure their freshness..not to rely 100% on wet sponges..

On the day itself, all flowers bloomed happily ever after.. luckily i just prepared 10 centerpieces..wish to do more and more in future..hurmm rasa nak start buat bisnes la.. :)

Siapa-siapa berminat nak tempah jangan malu jangan segan..mail us at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Engagement Project Done!

Salam all,

This is the project i've done last weekend. I offered myself to sponsor fresh flower hand bouquet for my best friend's engagement day. As she's my joint venture partner, she allowed herself to be my second guinea pig..ops haram..guinea cat boleh? :) What is my first project? click here.

Her engagement was held on Sunday noon, so i had ample time to prepare everything, flowers order, ribbons, and she also helped me with wish designs and theme. Not limited to hand bouquet but Maya also requested for additional centerpieces as well. I will share our centerpieces in next entry ok..

How's the hand bouquet looked like?

Ok tak? Maya loved her hand bouquet. That's the happiest moment! Penat berbaloi baloi..macamla penat sangat kan..hihi.. We chose light pink roses, white and pink eustomas and carnations..Maya wanted something simple and flowy flowy.. These flowers really helped to give the flowy impact..matching with her engagement chiffon dress.

To tie and 'group' the flowers, i used 4 steps. Sorry no illustration to share sebab cameraman (en suami) was busy in his own world time tu.. First,I tied flowers with green flower tape..Second, tie with soft green alumnium string..Third, wrapped/tied everything with dusty pink crepe ribbon..cut the ribbon, folded hujung ribbon ke dalam and lastly cucuk 3 cream sewing pins mencacak ke atas to ensure bouquet tak gerak.

Maya and bouquet

Maya, bouquet and me (sedondons)

Tiba-tiba merangkap kakak andam tidak bertauliah

and tiba-tiba merangkap pengapit bidan terjun..
haiyoo malu~
some may not know, i wore my engagement outfit yang basi on Maya's engagement day.

Selamat Bertunang Maya and Khairul, hope this event will be your stepping stone to know - both of you and families. Can't wait for their solemnization day. Celebrate anniversary sama uollss :)

For those who appreciate my work and trust me to be part of your day, contact me..mak bukan glamour so price will be affordable and reasonable to you. We welcome you with open arms. We are more than happy to assist.

P/s: tengok fresh flower mengembang adalah moment yang sukar diceritakan. Masya-Allah..cantiknya ciptaan Allah :)

Till we meet again soon..

Monday, March 5, 2012

Result : Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest

Salam Monday all,

What a happy weekend i project was successfully done..later i share k..

But for today, its time for Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest's Result!

Thank you a thousand years (eh tiba2) to all gorgeous bride to be for joining my first ever contest here. Can't imagine there's somebody willing to join and write most creative entry in your blog. (Actually you can join by sharing at your Facebook or Blog)..

Before i reveal the results, i would like to apologize as judges and I could not choose all of you..each and every contestants were really good and creative (*serba salah*) me susah nak pilih..but contest still a contest.. after three judges reviewing all blogs and chose the MOST CREATIVE one..

Here's the three lucky winners :

1. Rina (Pantai Dalam)

2. Sfarlina (Bandar Baru Bangi)

3. Nur Dalila (Selangor)

I will personally contact you through your blog and e-mail for further discuss. You are welcome to mail me as well at (ade .sg ye kat belakang).

P/s : For those who not selected and other readers, we're now open for hand bouquet and deco order! Serious clients please :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Planner : Lisa + Yusry Part 2

Salam all,

This is continuation of earlier wedding planner entry here.

3. Photographer and videographer- can u see below pic? many photographers in da house. But from what i know, their officials were Pretty Peektures and Motion Peektures..and assisted by Ministry of Moment, Shutterspeak and Bliss Candid..maybe there's more than that..bestnya ada ramai photographers/videographers :)

4. Reception theme - my plan on pastel garden wedding for her reception..i believe was half-ly achieved. Their combine reception theme was actually french vintage. Okla nothing extravagant..baju lisa and yusry were still in white/cream like their akad (maybe kalau pandang dekat-dekat lain kot) but in different designs. What i like the most is her hand bouquet..ada iras2 my plan.. :)

The end

Next, will reveal Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest winners! stay tune :)


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