Monday, March 19, 2012

Bride Syndrome : Not So Happy Ending Night and Dream

Salam all,

How's your weekend? Hope everything went well..

For today, i would like share something common that we experience. Dream! Its not about wedding dream..what we wish for..but a routine activity we must do..when we sleep..sometimes we dream..

From what i read here, dream can include any of the images, thoughts and emotions that are experienced during sleep. Dreams can be extraordinarily vivid or very vague; filled with joyful emotions or frightening imagery, focused and understandable or unclear and confusing.

Being me, back to year ago, i cannot avoid from having bride syndrome. I believe most of bride to be also having the same syndrome too.

I am a person who can easily sleep and dream, even just 5 minutes nap but I hardly sleep especially 3 months before the day. My bad habit was, i used to recap my wedding preparations while closing my eyes before went to sleep. Please bride to be, i would suggest you not to follow my habit. Trust me, you will end up golek-golek atas katil and start to stress..banyaknya belum settle!! Even there's few nights where lampu semua dah tutup and it was after midnight, i could not stop thinking about my wedding and ended up switched on the light and catit to do list and design my wedding dais..apakah?

My syndrome did not stop there..While sleeping, i dreamt's few i can recall:
  • I dreamt en suami (time tu en tunang) married other lady which i didn't know who. He looked very happy with his wedding even though kantoi, he still wanted to continue marrying me. Motif mimpi itu?
  • I chose tiffany blue as my reception dress but during the day in my dream, it was other blue - dark blue..
  • Termimpi tiba-tiba kena kahwin, i woke up in my dream and it was my solemnization day..kelam kelibut tak siap apa-apa pun..
It was really tiring to have such dreams, see the impact of bridezilla syndrome? dahla siang hari stress..weekends were fully occupied with preparation, at night even having such stressful dreams.

Moral of the story, recite doa and other prayers before you sleep..zikir ke..dont think to much about your wedding preparation like me..night is the time for you to sleep and rest..100% rest..


  1. Same with u la dear..i ni pun jenis yg senang tido n mimpi..terlelap 5 minit pun, dh dpt mimpi 1 episod..agreed!! masa dh nk dekat wedding, tido mimpi wedding preps and mimpi horror wedding..smpi malas nk tido..maybe because we think too much..(",)

  2. it happen to me now, rite finie we think too much ^_^

  3. hahaha so true la dear. mcm i kan sampai sakit sakit kepala kene TTH sume sbb i byk sgt pikir tau. pdhal masa wedding i takde apa pun. siap tak kelam kabut lgsung haha.

  4. i pun mcm tu sekarang!!! simptom2 bridezilla yg melanda..huhu

  5. Intan-cant agree more.i slalu mmp MUA i x smpai on my wedding.berkali2 la jgak dok mmp bnd yg sama.mmg stress btl

  6. I belum pernah mimpi pasl kahwin lg. Asyik mimpi pasal kerja yg bertibun ja. :(

    Tp u mimpi psl tunang u kahwin ngan prmpuan lain pastu kantoi, tp still nk khwin ngan u jugak, lawak hehe. alhamdulillah dh selesai semua kan. mimpi baby pulak lps ni~ :)

    sila jenguk my blog & join contest sy! :)

  7. fainie : ohhh kite samela jenis senang tdo..huhu penat tau mimpi horror2 psl kawen ni.. :)

    iedaaurora : jgn pk byk sgt dear..wpun kene try jgk k..:)

    cha: hahaahaaa mmg kite sgt bridezilla...

    FY: baiklah..sila jgn ikut saya yg menyesal skrg sbb terlalu bridezilla :)

    baizura natasha: hahhaa serams nye mimpi tu..wahhhh sure kelam kabut kalo hari wedding x dtg..

    pika pikah: ye pika..i mimpi smp tahap tu sekali..sgt cerekarama..haiyooo penat gile mimpi tu..tq dear..doakan utk i k :)



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