Thursday, March 8, 2012

Engagement Project Done!

Salam all,

This is the project i've done last weekend. I offered myself to sponsor fresh flower hand bouquet for my best friend's engagement day. As she's my joint venture partner, she allowed herself to be my second guinea pig..ops haram..guinea cat boleh? :) What is my first project? click here.

Her engagement was held on Sunday noon, so i had ample time to prepare everything, flowers order, ribbons, and she also helped me with wish designs and theme. Not limited to hand bouquet but Maya also requested for additional centerpieces as well. I will share our centerpieces in next entry ok..

How's the hand bouquet looked like?

Ok tak? Maya loved her hand bouquet. That's the happiest moment! Penat berbaloi baloi..macamla penat sangat kan..hihi.. We chose light pink roses, white and pink eustomas and carnations..Maya wanted something simple and flowy flowy.. These flowers really helped to give the flowy impact..matching with her engagement chiffon dress.

To tie and 'group' the flowers, i used 4 steps. Sorry no illustration to share sebab cameraman (en suami) was busy in his own world time tu.. First,I tied flowers with green flower tape..Second, tie with soft green alumnium string..Third, wrapped/tied everything with dusty pink crepe ribbon..cut the ribbon, folded hujung ribbon ke dalam and lastly cucuk 3 cream sewing pins mencacak ke atas to ensure bouquet tak gerak.

Maya and bouquet

Maya, bouquet and me (sedondons)

Tiba-tiba merangkap kakak andam tidak bertauliah

and tiba-tiba merangkap pengapit bidan terjun..
haiyoo malu~
some may not know, i wore my engagement outfit yang basi on Maya's engagement day.

Selamat Bertunang Maya and Khairul, hope this event will be your stepping stone to know - both of you and families. Can't wait for their solemnization day. Celebrate anniversary sama uollss :)

For those who appreciate my work and trust me to be part of your day, contact me..mak bukan glamour so price will be affordable and reasonable to you. We welcome you with open arms. We are more than happy to assist.

P/s: tengok fresh flower mengembang adalah moment yang sukar diceritakan. Masya-Allah..cantiknya ciptaan Allah :)

Till we meet again soon..


  1. lawa and sweet nye!! cant wait for mine..hehe..i love d color combination...

  2. kalau saya tak kawin lg saya mahu hb dr kamu :):):)

  3. sweetnye hand bouquet tu..heart it :)

  4. suwittttt...!! Nak dpt free fresh HB, jd third guinea cat bulih? ngeh2..

  5. cantik!!! intan, u sgt berbakat!!!

  6. akak, kalau luar kawasan kL macam contoh kedah kan.. boleh order kat akak ke? hehehe.

  7. dear..cantik HB tu..kreatif la u ni..

  8. teringin nak oder HB tapi jauh :(

  9. ske sangat dgn kerja tangan intan..sgt2 kemas..double thumbs up for you dear..

  10. oshinz: tq dear :)
    dalila : of course akan akan buat terbaik utk awak punye..nnt kite roger2 k :)
    lisa: haha tapi u dh kawen~~ maybe utk baby u kawen nnt kot..ohh i dh kerepot pun time tu :)
    liza: tq liza.. :)
    hanis: hahha boleh ajer.. :)
    FY: tq dear :)
    fira : takdela biasa2 je ni..tgh belajar2 :)
    nini : ok tq nini :)
    oshinz : alaaa bukan x boleh order tp takut jauh nk travel balik kedah nnt bunge dh layu..akak x suke bg awak bunge layu :(
    fara : tq dear :)
    puan mila : hehe tq dear :)
    iedaaurora : sorry..bukan taknak tp takut mu x tahan lame.. :)
    cenicienta : hehee utk pengantin gojes kenela buat cantik2 :)
    amani : owhh sangat terharu dengan pujian itu **blush blush**



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