Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hand Made Fresh Flowers Centerpieces

Salam all,

I've started my entry for this week on Wednesday..yeah middle of the week..
If earlier I shared hand bouquet for Maya's engagement here, so for today i would like to continue..revealing my second mini project, hand made fresh flowers centerpieces..

Tajuk agak confuse di situ..adeke fresh flower centerpieces yang tak hand made? haha saje je..

As usual, every project must start with plan and research..Maya and I did some research on theme she wanted, colour combination and flowers. Customer is always right and I believed Maya had her own preferences too, that's why we worked together.

Few may say, deco centerpieces are just simple to do but its actually more that that..requires space (room temperature yang agak sejuk) to ensure flowers freshness...plan how many flowers needed for every single pot..karang ada terkurang ada terlebih..After gathering all the info and material, I took charge..started to deco..

Here's some pots i managed to deco. We bought small green plastic flower pot, grey bling bling ribbon, use dusty pink crepe ribbon same as hand bouquet...taped with double selotape and selotape..

After that, i cut sponges (special sponge for fresh flower) and soaked in pail of water for half an hour..then letak sponge in the pot..then deco time!

Every pot, i chose roses, chrysanthemums (kekwa), eustomas and carnations. I divided these flowers accordingly and started to deco Saturday late evening (majlis ahad noon) whereby my flowers were 70% bloomed.

From my observation, fresh flowers will bloom faster after you cut their batang short..remove their twigs, small branches and leaves. That's why you cannot deco too early..maybe flowers absorb too much water and make them bloom faster..

While preparing centerpieces, i keep on spraying the flowers to ensure their freshness..not to rely 100% on wet sponges..

On the day itself, all flowers bloomed happily ever after.. luckily i just prepared 10 centerpieces..wish to do more and more in future..hurmm rasa nak start buat bisnes la.. :)

Siapa-siapa berminat nak tempah jangan malu jangan segan..mail us at


  1. nice one sis..nmpk sweet sgt d colour combination

  2. assalamualaikum..hye..i bru je bc blog u..nice..;) n i rase i'm the 400th follower..LOL..

    btw..cantiknya combination colour fresh flower 2..sweet..

  3. cantikk ... oh dear.. u dh setahun lbh yer ?

    belum ade rezeki kan ...sedih je ni ..
    xpe masa kite bersama niat je yang baek2

  4. cantik,,,nice colors..liza pun tgh pikir2 centerpiece utk wed adik bulan 10 ni..

  5. comellll!!!! geramnya! u are truly gifted, intan dearie~

    sila jenguk my blog & join contest sy! :)

  6. laskar pelangi : tq dear.. :)

    nur dalila : hehe akak ikut permintaan customer..akak pilih bunga yg terbaik n deco je :)

    cikpia : tq dear :)

    ~Fara~ : tq dear :)

    lovelyadibah : tq dear for your support :)

    haliqdiaz : wahhh congratss...tq sbb follow saye..:)

    cik helena : saye pun suke jugak fresh flowers..lain sgt dr artificial :)

    erin : hehe a'a dh setahun lebih..jomla kite doa same2 :)

    littlesunshine: haaa kalau rase mls nk saye pk kan..hahaha :)

    pika pikah : tq pika..biase2 je la..akak dh masuk tp contest tu cm xsesuai je nk join..maybe bg peluang kt org lain yg lebih memerlukan :)



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