Monday, March 5, 2012

Result : Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest

Salam Monday all,

What a happy weekend i project was successfully done..later i share k..

But for today, its time for Free Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest's Result!

Thank you a thousand years (eh tiba2) to all gorgeous bride to be for joining my first ever contest here. Can't imagine there's somebody willing to join and write most creative entry in your blog. (Actually you can join by sharing at your Facebook or Blog)..

Before i reveal the results, i would like to apologize as judges and I could not choose all of you..each and every contestants were really good and creative (*serba salah*) me susah nak pilih..but contest still a contest.. after three judges reviewing all blogs and chose the MOST CREATIVE one..

Here's the three lucky winners :

1. Rina (Pantai Dalam)

2. Sfarlina (Bandar Baru Bangi)

3. Nur Dalila (Selangor)

I will personally contact you through your blog and e-mail for further discuss. You are welcome to mail me as well at (ade .sg ye kat belakang).

P/s : For those who not selected and other readers, we're now open for hand bouquet and deco order! Serious clients please :)


  1. Yahoooo..Tqvm sis!! Congrats to other winners too!! ^_^

  2. wahhh untungnya hehehe..tahniah para pemenang2

  3. Yay alhamdulillah menang :)) happyy sangat :))

  4. Congrats to all the winner :) and Kak Intan, good luck on ur new business :)

  5. untungnye y dpt..tahniah semua :)

  6. Such simple but beautiful flowers.

  7. congrats semua! insyaAllah more contest in future..but for only selected winner..yang lain boleh order with special price :)

  8. yeay congratz to all.. intan, ur gonna be a successful biz-woman..insyallah..! :D mesti chantek, xsabar nak tgk ur works..!



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