Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Planner : Lisa + Yusry Part 2

Salam all,

This is continuation of earlier wedding planner entry here.

3. Photographer and videographer- can u see below pic? many photographers in da house. But from what i know, their officials were Pretty Peektures and Motion Peektures..and assisted by Ministry of Moment, Shutterspeak and Bliss Candid..maybe there's more than that..bestnya ada ramai photographers/videographers :)

4. Reception theme - my plan on pastel garden wedding for her reception..i believe was half-ly achieved. Their combine reception theme was actually french vintage. Okla nothing extravagant..baju lisa and yusry were still in white/cream like their akad (maybe kalau pandang dekat-dekat lain kot) but in different designs. What i like the most is her hand bouquet..ada iras2 my plan.. :)

The end

Next, will reveal Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet Contest winners! stay tune :)


  1. lengan baju lisa mcm lengan baju sanding i hihihi kbai asyik nak sama je :p

  2. Dengan tiba2 I rasa Yusry nampak lebih muda sebab kawin dgn Lisa yg mmg muda la sangat.

  3. Lisa's dress is so very very nice!



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