Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paper Flower or Foam Flower Dais

Salam all,

For this afternoon, i would like to share current trend dais or deco which I love the most. Banyak actually i love.

There are two types of dais which are foam flower dais and paper flower dais. Their look are almost similar, its just the material and price.

Let us start with..

Paper flower

For paper flower, i believe they cannot stay cute for too long..yela what can we espect from paper..but the good thing is, this material are easy to find or DIY. Ringan pun ringan..

But the best part is : cheap! yeay~

 from Craftfrenzy
They also sell paper flowers

from Nakkaweng
                                        She sell the dais if anyone interested

source here

from Merisik Gallery

How about foam flower?

Foam flower

The material is bit strong compared to paper flower. You can DIY if you have time and space. Have different sizes and price depends on size.

From few comparison i made, more or less the price from these vendors almost the same.

If you refer to untie hana's blog hereEezi Bridal offers 8 inch (rm20), 12 inch (rm29), 16 inch (rm39) and 20 inch (rm49). Eezi also offers daisy, pheony and rose foam.

If you buy from Qaseh Weddings, they offer 8 inch (rm29), 12 inch (rm40) and 15 inch (rm 60). Prices are negotiable if you buy in large quantity with minimum order 5 pcs. They can also customize the size based on your need. Additional rm3/pc for other colour.


Source from miss mai sakurada here

Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Minutes with LHMediaTV

Salam all,

After a week of silence, for today, i would like to share my five minutes with LHMediaTV.

If you are my blog reader since last year, i believe you will know that LHMediaTV was appointed as my official videographer and I cannot stop from promoting them over and over again.

Last Tuesday, i went to Lowyatt with my colleagues during lunch time to find some IT gadgets. While looking around and rambang mata with all of these gadgets, somebody tegur, a lady. Two seconds- i was thinking did i know her and how did i know her? Of course i know her, she's Kak Umi, wife of En Lukman (founder LHMediaTV). I've never thought of seeing her again after our wedding day..yela bukan nak kahwin banyak kali kan..

Now, LHMediaTV is capturing celebrities, royalties and VVIPs, am still respect them for remembering me - the simple and ordinary me. I'm touched. Only five minutes talk, Kak Umi shared about their future schedules. Ohh forgot to mention, Kak Umi and En Lukman shot my wedding moments back in Terengganu and I first met her on the day I agreed with their promotion.

So moral of the story, again, i personally recommend all b2be to mail them at for info and great packages..jangan lupa mention my name k..who knows dapat special price..hahaha :)

Visit here for their latest videos.

Tadaa :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Sweet and Cute

Salam all,

If you're looking for something sweet, cute, visit Naddy Bakes!

After i liked FB page, can't stop myself from stalking this pretty page..lagi lagi kalau tengah lapar..geram sangat..

Sorry Naddy Bakes for not be able to order with you..i messaged them for April promotion and that time the promotion was still valid (believe promotion ended yesterday). Prompt reply but i have to self pick-up somewhere in Klang..huaaa too far away from Ampang..maybe next time k..

However, hope this entry can promote your business to other potential customers. They offer macarons, cupcakes, cakes, biscuits and many more..suitable for doorgift, hantaran or any events. Prices are reasonable and cheap I would say :)

P/s : First impression, i thought Naddy Bakes is international head baker and decorator..rupanya Selangor mari :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why do you blog?

Salam all,

For today, i would like to share reasons for me to blog..if you feel not interested..please come to my blog again next time k...hehe..i've been thinking of writing this entry for quite sometime..but since this kind of entry need you to focus and now the time has come...

Frankly, the idea of having own blog never cross my mind..thousand questions were in my mind..rasa cam..what should i write? will anyone read my blog? is it important for people to read my blog? should i stay anonymous or promote my blog to others? can i write properly and readers understand what am trying to say?

Hahaha..after a while (baru setahun lebih je pun) i know what i want my blog to be..if in the beginning my blog was entirely about my own wedding preparation..but i think not so much because am very very busy with work and own life (yess stress)..i started..i mean actively blogging after get married..why? too much stories and experiences to share all readers..after experiencing own wedding..dulu cam entah pape je..hope this blog can assist you..tak banyak pun sikit not wedding consultant yea..if before tie the knot..i believe most of ladies out there do not take wedding preparations for elder sister ke..makcik2 ke seriously..yela what's the purpose kan? even attending friends wedding pun..maybe few of us still do not realize..but as time goes will realize the importance of doing survey and 'feel' willing to share my experiences with you all..i'm sure other ex b2be bloggers too..kan kan?

Now, i realize that wedding is my passion..suka la tengok semua orang yang cantik..huahh my partner and I set up Happily Ever After (wah promote bisnes) as a platform to assist bride to be in having your own budget wedding..right now..baru start with hand bouquet..deco for centerpieces and hantaran..who knows one day..mak kalahkan Nas Great Idea uolllss...hahah verangan ajer lebih..

But nevertheless, no harm of aiming high right? I will keep on blogging insyaAllah and getting involve, seriously in wedding industry..allow Happily Ever After to share your happiness..wahh promote bisnes lagi... :)

My advise for today, please survey and ask around while preparing your wedding..memang sangat tiring and stressful..but one day you will like..alamak kejapnye majlis kahwin..tak puas..

Tadaaa :)

gambar ini tiada kaitan dengan entri di atas..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hantaran Arrangement Continues

Salam all,

If you read my earlier entry here, i shared hantaran arrangement for bride to be to take note..its just a tiny miny thing in wedding ceremony that we may left out..but its very important if you want to maximize your living hall space.

Dahla ada pelamin, families for both parties, photographer, hantaran lagi..friends..budak lari-lari keliling rumah..huhu..all these will make your house even to give more space..jom ikut idea Irma Hashime during her engagement day.

Can you see the way her bridal plan the hantaran? (maybe idea Irma jugak)..

from this picture, focus on white shelves on the right.

hantaran in transparent boxes were arranged accordingly at all levels

Neat, practical and something new kan? If you have any shelf or rak antik2..I believe you can DIY too..curik je your mom punya...ngeee..

Ohh if you wish to see more Irma pictures, click here. Lurve you Irma :)


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