Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Minutes with LHMediaTV

Salam all,

After a week of silence, for today, i would like to share my five minutes with LHMediaTV.

If you are my blog reader since last year, i believe you will know that LHMediaTV was appointed as my official videographer and I cannot stop from promoting them over and over again.

Last Tuesday, i went to Lowyatt with my colleagues during lunch time to find some IT gadgets. While looking around and rambang mata with all of these gadgets, somebody tegur, a lady. Two seconds- i was thinking did i know her and how did i know her? Of course i know her, she's Kak Umi, wife of En Lukman (founder LHMediaTV). I've never thought of seeing her again after our wedding day..yela bukan nak kahwin banyak kali kan..

Now, LHMediaTV is capturing celebrities, royalties and VVIPs, am still respect them for remembering me - the simple and ordinary me. I'm touched. Only five minutes talk, Kak Umi shared about their future schedules. Ohh forgot to mention, Kak Umi and En Lukman shot my wedding moments back in Terengganu and I first met her on the day I agreed with their promotion.

So moral of the story, again, i personally recommend all b2be to mail them at for info and great packages..jangan lupa mention my name k..who knows dapat special price..hahaha :)

Visit here for their latest videos.

Tadaa :)



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