Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paper Flower or Foam Flower Dais

Salam all,

For this afternoon, i would like to share current trend dais or deco which I love the most. Banyak actually i love.

There are two types of dais which are foam flower dais and paper flower dais. Their look are almost similar, its just the material and price.

Let us start with..

Paper flower

For paper flower, i believe they cannot stay cute for too long..yela what can we espect from paper..but the good thing is, this material are easy to find or DIY. Ringan pun ringan..

But the best part is : cheap! yeay~

 from Craftfrenzy
They also sell paper flowers

from Nakkaweng
                                        She sell the dais if anyone interested

source here

from Merisik Gallery

How about foam flower?

Foam flower

The material is bit strong compared to paper flower. You can DIY if you have time and space. Have different sizes and price depends on size.

From few comparison i made, more or less the price from these vendors almost the same.

If you refer to untie hana's blog hereEezi Bridal offers 8 inch (rm20), 12 inch (rm29), 16 inch (rm39) and 20 inch (rm49). Eezi also offers daisy, pheony and rose foam.

If you buy from Qaseh Weddings, they offer 8 inch (rm29), 12 inch (rm40) and 15 inch (rm 60). Prices are negotiable if you buy in large quantity with minimum order 5 pcs. They can also customize the size based on your need. Additional rm3/pc for other colour.


Source from miss mai sakurada here


  1. cantik kan. i start suka lepas tgk wedding marion counter tu. lawa giler.

  2. sukaaa teringin. utk aqiqahbaby kalau buat backdrop cm ni kan best huahuahua. byk duit kauu lisaaaa ;p (dream on)

  3. nice..ada tertengok sapa nth buh bunga2 ni and kerawang2 and kain lembayung jadi too much plak..sikit2 cntik..:)

  4. Kak Intan, my solemnization dias insyaAllah akan daripada paper flower!!! wish me luck tau...

  5. sekarang foam flower tu mmg tgh trend kan =)

  6. cha:haa tula psl..i rase wedding pencetus foam flower punya trend kan?

    lisa:ehhh confirm bleh buat utk aqiqah..dulu mama baby x sempat kasi can anakla merase kan :)

    qyla:hehe depends on interest dear..ade yg suke byk..ade yg suke sikit :)

    rina: :)

    anis: wahhh confirm cantik pelamin awak nnt..all the best dear :)

    munnafendy: tula psl..even fasha sanding pun gune foam/paper flower kan? :)

  7. dah trend skrg pakai flower camni :)



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