Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Sweet and Cute

Salam all,

If you're looking for something sweet, cute, visit Naddy Bakes!

After i liked FB page, can't stop myself from stalking this pretty page..lagi lagi kalau tengah lapar..geram sangat..

Sorry Naddy Bakes for not be able to order with you..i messaged them for April promotion and that time the promotion was still valid (believe promotion ended yesterday). Prompt reply but i have to self pick-up somewhere in Klang..huaaa too far away from Ampang..maybe next time k..

However, hope this entry can promote your business to other potential customers. They offer macarons, cupcakes, cakes, biscuits and many more..suitable for doorgift, hantaran or any events. Prices are reasonable and cheap I would say :)

P/s : First impression, i thought Naddy Bakes is international head baker and decorator..rupanya Selangor mari :)


  1. terliur kejap tgk red velvet tu

  2. serius lawa. mcm mcm international la. tp sygnya i tak berapa suka this sweet tooth thingy huhu. cupcakes ke kek ke apa i tak suka sgt huhu




  4. memang menggoda...apalagi time2 hujan mcm ni..laparnye...

  5. fainie : order jgn xorder :)

    cha:i suke kalau mkn skali skale je..kalo setiap hari habisla rongak gigi nnt :)

    thezaila: wahh..good for u..jgn lupe gosok gigi lps mkn :)

    lady rina : wahh i kalo time hujan nk mkn bende panas cm goreng pisang..kropok..hikhik :)

    lara : sangaattt kan :)



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