Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What to Expect in Marriage Life?

Salam all,

This is a serious topic to discuss. Nothing to do with me or anyone related to me whether direct or indirect. Its just something for us to think about and grab the lesson learnt.

As a wife, mother or future wife or mother, what will happen to you when you reach 15-20  years of wedding anniversary? We will no longer hot and sexy (hot ke sekarang?) unless you really work out and constantly take care of your body and stamina..if you're lucky, you may have few kids with your beloved husband..if you're working, you may reach few achievements..maybe at management level..or if you're a full time house wife..maybe you have to double up your daily routine, masak to more family members and attend more complicated growing up kids aka teenagers. Less sleep and shopping time for yourself..sacrificing yourself for families..we are multitasking woman..hoyeahh :)

Hurmm...what if one day you've found out that your husband no longer loves you and having somebody younger and better than you in his life? Nauzubillah..minta dijauhkan untuk kita semua..but this is possible to've found out maybe from his text message, changing behaviours, close friends reporting to you or maybe he is just being honest and tells you the truth..

Mesti sangat frust kan? Benci..marah..huhu..i can't imagine!

But my advise to you and myself, based on either Cerekarama or Dilema Wanita (astro prima kot) i watched earlier, let it happen and let it go..biarlah apa yang terjadi kat our husband..point to take away from the short drama is we should accept and redha for what had happened..berserah..why? because we already tried our very best..jaga anak..masak..kemas rumah..iron baju..obey..respect and serve our husband without failure..yes..sangat pahit to swallow but never ever think that we are imperfect and start to blame ourselves..ustaz dalam cerita tu cakap..our husband is not good enough for having us as his wife..that's why he leaves us..once your responsibilities towards husband is longer there..focus on children and Allah..move on..takkan kerana seorang lelaki..we surrender our whole life right? There are more people who loves us around..

Right now, never stop praying and doa moga moga our marriage lasts forever, be the best wife for our husband..banyak pahala kita dapatkan..

Hope my sharing give some ideas to future wife, wifey and mommies to take it positively...jom jadi isteri mithali sama sama dan jangan malas malas :)


Friday, May 18, 2012

Her Solemnization and Reception Hand Bouquets

Salam all,

This entry is the continuation from earlier's entry. From previous entry i revealed her solemnization veil, for today its a compilation of Azyan's solemnization and reception hand bouquets.

Truly honoured as Azyan trusted my partner and I from Happily Ever After.

Jom layan all the pictures. Credit to whitesignature crew.

Hand bouquet Solemnization theme : Yellow+ Cream+Green

Hand bouquet Reception theme : Pink+ Cream+Green


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She Also Chose My Solemnization Veil

Salam all, 

She also chose my solemnization veil to be part of her solemnization day. Thank you very much Azyan. Visit here for earlier entry.

Cantik kan Azyan? Even though we met at very last minute, she was really good in mix and match her own solemnization attire with my veil..soft cream and touch of silver..nampak cam satu set tak?

Congratulations Azyan and husband..anyone interested to rent, mail me at InsyaAllah if the date is still available and venue within Klang Valley or Selangor area, the veil is temporarily yours :)

To be continued..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something for Groom to Ponder

Salam all,

This entry is for future groom..but usually guys wont care much about wedding preps..bagi duit to family and his mom or siblings (yang perempuan) pecah kepala planning for the best.

But there is some exceptional for some guys or metro sexual groom who want to be involved with so called tiny miny things of weddings...choosing what to wear for solemnization and reception..what i mean is that..kasut or capal ke..bukan selipar jepun hokey..

These are just some examples. For all mak-mak pengantin lelaki (adake? hihi) or groom's sisters or maybe his fiancee yang caring and reading this entry, please advise and share to them accordingly k..

For well prepared groom, they will stand by good quality and branded leather shoes. Let say, Dunhill or Ferragamo..fiancee gave as engagement hantaran or they bought by themselves and wear on wedding day - doesn't matter recycle for solemnization and reception..and even bertandang..

                                                       source Kudegraphy

For adventurous and happy go lucky groom, they may wear something different..the shoes may be pricey but be prepared if at very last minute mak or ayah marah..with this kind of statement " ingat kawin ke main-main ni? ke nak pergi jalan-jalan? " everything depends and goes back to families. 
                                                   source Nikaizu and Syazwan

The final example i have is applicable for a 'save' or traditional groom..ikut adat katanya..wearing capal..easily find at Jalan TAR with cheap price depending on design and material..

Tips : Please ask your bridesmaid or best man to take care of these branded shoes everytime couple take off theirs especially for home wedding or when couple perform solat/break..lots of eyes'll never know :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cheaper Hand Bouquets?

Salam all,

Uhuk uhuk..yes am coughing sore said i was infected by viral fever..germs and bacterias are now very intelligent..

Before this cough, sore throat and head ache attack me, there were the latest project from Happily Ever After..

Customer, Azyan was eventually working at same place..easier to discuss and arrange..good start kan?..she would prefer to have two fresh flowers hand bouquets with different colours and the dates were selang sehari..akad nikah on Saturday morning ( we sent Friday night sebab esoknya Bersih 3.0) while reception on Sunday afternoon..she agreed with our proposal to consider these combinations and cheaper for her..yes cheaper..hurmm..

How to be cheaper?

Let us layan these solemnization hand bouquet pics first..Azyan, hope you liked both hand bouquets and Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Combination of yellow, cream and some green apple..



and combination of pink, cream and golden touch of reception hand bouquet

What makes these hand bouquets cheaper? We were using the same eustoma (bunga yg ada pucuk) tu for two different events. 

How to ensure flowers are kept fresh? Please always keep your flowers at cold place such as toilet/bedroom and switch on your aircond..never put not in your freezer coz flower may terkejut suddently sejuk fan as it makes your flowers dry..

One more thing, please make sure flowers are kept in bundle..jangan asing2kan or leraikan..insyaAllah all will be just fine and beautiful..

Selamat DIY..kalau malas or not too confident but wish to have your own hand bouquet...

mail to


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