Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cheaper Hand Bouquets?

Salam all,

Uhuk uhuk..yes am coughing sore said i was infected by viral fever..germs and bacterias are now very intelligent..

Before this cough, sore throat and head ache attack me, there were the latest project from Happily Ever After..

Customer, Azyan was eventually working at same place..easier to discuss and arrange..good start kan?..she would prefer to have two fresh flowers hand bouquets with different colours and the dates were selang sehari..akad nikah on Saturday morning ( we sent Friday night sebab esoknya Bersih 3.0) while reception on Sunday afternoon..she agreed with our proposal to consider these combinations and cheaper for her..yes cheaper..hurmm..

How to be cheaper?

Let us layan these solemnization hand bouquet pics first..Azyan, hope you liked both hand bouquets and Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Combination of yellow, cream and some green apple..



and combination of pink, cream and golden touch of reception hand bouquet

What makes these hand bouquets cheaper? We were using the same eustoma (bunga yg ada pucuk) tu for two different events. 

How to ensure flowers are kept fresh? Please always keep your flowers at cold place such as toilet/bedroom and switch on your aircond..never put not in your freezer coz flower may terkejut suddently sejuk fan as it makes your flowers dry..

One more thing, please make sure flowers are kept in bundle..jangan asing2kan or leraikan..insyaAllah all will be just fine and beautiful..

Selamat DIY..kalau malas or not too confident but wish to have your own hand bouquet...

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  1. cntik la hb u. sama lah. i asik batuk2 je xhenti2. dh xminum ais pn xhilang2. xmkn ubat tkt effect kt yg dlm perut. tahan jela smpai dia hilang sndri huhu.get well soon :)

  2. cantik walaupun nampak kecil :)

  3. aha..i cant wait for mine this weekend. tiba2 menjadi Bridezilla and im not even the one getting married :)



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